Term Insurance 

What Should be The Minimum Term Insurance Coverage For You?

Posted on 27 Jul 2016 by Easypolicy

One of the stray objectives behind any life insurance plan is to prepare for your death. Don’t worry, this article is not about some occult rituals but highlights the financial implications arising from a sudden death of an earning member of a family. No matter how much we avoid thinking about death but it still is the universal truth, the surest thing that will happen to [...] Continue Reading

Investment Insurance 

Insurance – a Small Investment For a Big Future Protection

Posted on 27 Jul 2016 by Easypolicy

Unfortunate, isn’t it? Despite the increasing number of players in the market and India being the second largest populated country, the numbers present a dismal figure. The life insurance market has seen a revolutionary change in terms of innovation and creativity. Plans which have great new feature, good benefit structure, lower charge structure and a host of features are being offered and yet the penetration shows a downward trend!The numb [...] Continue Reading

Health Insurance 

The Choice of a Health Insurance Company Based on its Incurred Claims Ratio

Posted on 18 Jul 2016 by Easypolicy

There are 26 general insurance players in the market who sell Health Insurance plans and every plan promises to be better than the other. In this melee it is easy enough to get lost in the comparative advantages of the various available health plans. You might check the scope of coverage, the inclusions and Exclusions of the policy, the Premium rate and other relevant aspects but how many of us gauge the company’s performance? Even if we wan [...] Continue Reading

General Insurance 

Online V/S Offline Insurance Plans

Posted on 27 Jun 2016 by Easypolicy

In the past decade the usage of internet has grown exponentially. The expanse and Coverage of internet has spread far wider. As a result the e-commerce sector has seen a major boom. Every kind of goods and services are being sold and purchased online now. The insurance sector is not untouched with this trend either. Almost all insurance companies have launched their online products in the market; resultantly a debate often rises as which option to go for online mode or offline mode.

E [...] Continue Reading

Child Insurance 

Child Plan: Start Early and Reap the Benefits

Posted on 06 Oct 2014 by Easypolicy

The last thing that any parent would compromise on is the future of their child. Buying a child plan is a great way to feel Assured that child’s financial needs would be met irrespective of whether as a parent you will be there or not on this planet to ensure the same.

If you are looking to get the most out of your investment in a child plan it is recommended that you s [...] Continue Reading

Pension Insurance 

Future Proofing Your Retirement

Posted on 14 Jun 2012 by Easypolicy

It’s nice to live in the present but it is also very important that we make our future safe. Everybody needs to stop working after they reach a certain age. Retirement is not an easy decision but it is a certainty. Retirement planning is a must for everyone. To have enough money to spend a good retired life, it is important to start working on the retirement plan before it is too late. It gives you an opportunity to retire knowing that your future is safe. It is [...] Continue Reading