Investment Insurance 

Protect your Life by Choosing the Best Investment Plan

Posted on 10 Mar 2015 by Easypolicy

From a financial planning perspective, when we gaze into the future there are two things that we need to plan for – predictable and unpredictable events. Predictable events are those which you know for sure are going to arise and at what time and stage in your life. These include one-time events like buying a house, vehicle and children education. Unpredictable events like death or diseases or Accident leading to permanent disability cannot be predicted. If such an unpredictable event happens un [...] Continue Reading

Child Insurance 

Long Term Advantages of Child Plan

Posted on 04 Mar 2015 by Easypolicy

A bright future of their child is every parent’s dream and they strive to do all what it takes to assure the same. Insurance companies have designed child plans taking into account this uncompromising behaviour of parents when it comes to securing their child’s future. A child plan is quite different from a plain vanilla insurance policy. The feature and benefits of a child plan assure that the future of your child is protected in all circumstances.

A child plan comes in various tenur [...] Continue Reading

General Insurance 

Group Insurance Getting Popular these Days!

Posted on 28 Feb 2015 by Easypolicy

A group insurance Policy offers certain class of individuals the benefit of standard Health Insurance Coverage at very competitive rates. Majority of the group insurance schemes available on the market pertain to the employer- employee group. However, the guidelines of group insurance are not just limited to an employer-employee group, but it can extend to a group where there are common interests. Such groups may include employee welfare associations, holders of credit card issued by a spec [...] Continue Reading

Life Insurance 

How Term Life Insurance plans act as your best tax saving tool?

Posted on 24 Feb 2015 by Easypolicy

We know the saying “time and tide waits for no man”. These days taxes and bills also do not wait for a man’s approval before being dished out to him. Such is the compulsion to face taxes and bills that we cannot do much when it comes to cutting down bills; however, there are ways to save ourselves from the tax trap through wise decisions to save tax.

The rate of tax on our income may vary depending on our age, level of income and the kind of wor [...] Continue Reading

Car Insurance 

Steps involved in the car insurance transfer process

Posted on 12 Nov 2014 by Easypolicy

It is that time of your journey when you decide to shift gears and change your car. It is required that you make sure that there are minimum hassles on the way with regard to your car insurance.

It is frequently misunderstood as to what the implications of transfer of ownership would be when it comes to insurance Coverage – would it be transferred? Would the car insurance remain in the same name as that of the old owner? Would the Premium change with new car ownership?

Fort [...] Continue Reading

Pension Insurance 

how to go about retirement planning

Posted on 14 Jun 2014 by Easypolicy

As life expectancy is increasing the retirement phase is gaining significance. Many people during their working phase look forward to having a great time in retirement days.

Financial constraints start affecting daily routine and habits making life really miserable. It is important that while you are young and earning, you give some thought to your retirement life. Retirement gives you all the time in the world to do what you feel like. But to deserve [...] Continue Reading

Travel Insurance 

Trip Planning With a Best Travel Policy

Posted on 20 May 2014 by Easypolicy

Whether you are traveling for business, education, leisure or social reasons, if you want peace of mind it is advisable that you buy a Travel Insurance plan. Travel Insurance protects you from various travel related contingencies which can really put you in a mess. These travel related adversities can hit anybody and is always unexpected. Hence, it makes sense to be prepared to deal with these while traveling.

Some of the most common situations that ca [...] Continue Reading

Health Insurance 

Understanding Riders in Health Insurance

Posted on 14 Jan 2014 by Easypolicy

A rider is an additional Policy benefit that is not included in the basic plan, but you have the option to have it included in your Policy by paying an additional premium. You may supplement your existing life or Health Insurance Coverage by choosing from a host of riders. There are some important riders, which you should certainly consider while buying your health policy:

Critical Illness Benefit / Policy 

Critical illness polic [...] Continue Reading

Term Insurance 

Do You Think Spending on Term Plan is Waste of Money?

Posted on 28 Dec 2012 by Easypolicy

Well, most of the time, when it comes to the question of a long-term investment, most of us tends to think that a Term plan is quite a waste of time and money as well. Prior to carrying such a notion, it is imperative to know the real attributes of a Term insurance plan and the benefits that are set for those who choose it. A Term plan is a form of life insurance that provides cover for a certain period of time, which is also referred to as a fixed rate of paymen [...] Continue Reading