Child Insurance 

Child Plan: A Way to Ensure Quality Life For Your Child!

Posted on 30 Oct 2014 by Easypolicy

In this age of growing consumerism and material display of wealth, it is no easy job to bring up children without saving sufficiently for them. With increasing rate of Inflation and a social demand for higher educational qualification as well as quality education, leading a happy life and providing sufficiently for children is no child’s play!

Though many people start saving for their children when they are born, not many invest wisely to secure their child’s future. It is [...] Continue Reading

Investment Insurance 

With Little Effort You Can Save a Big Amount

Posted on 16 Oct 2014 by Easypolicy

A common man has limited earnings and if you ask him how he plans to save for his retirement or children’s education he would probably have no answer. He may realize that Inflation is hitting his savings hard and the amount he would need for securing his child’s future is monstrous. In fact, the corpus one needs to accumulate appears so big that most people shy away from making a beginning to achieve this target.

But I would say no amount or target is too big if systemati [...] Continue Reading

Health Insurance 

how good is cashless health insurance?

Posted on 15 Oct 2014 by Easypolicy

Healthcare industry is a growing sector in India and so is the health plan related to health care. It is the health Coverage that saves a person from financial stress and health emergencies such as hospitalization. In order to insure a person from adverse effects of unforeseen health disturbances, Health Insurance companies have come up with many flexible and affordable Health Insurance policies. Of the many types of Health Insurance policy, cashless Health Insurance Policy has had [...] Continue Reading

Term Insurance 

All about Comparing a Term Plan

Posted on 01 Oct 2014 by Easypolicy

A Term plan is plain vanilla insurance product. It is an ideal product for those who are seeking pure Risk cover against death at the lowest cost.

If you are contemplating buying a Term insurance you should be aware that not all Term plans are the same. Term plans vary from each other in several aspects. Before you choose one for yourself, make sure to have compared them. It is common to see people getting lured by the low premiums and buying any Term plan. They only realize later tha [...] Continue Reading

General Insurance 

How Does Claim Settlement Ratio Affect You?

Posted on 17 Sep 2014 by Easypolicy

We buy life insurance Policy with a hope that our family will be secured even if we were to meet with an early unfortunate demise. But this is not entirely true as there are chances that yourinsurance Claim could be rejected. To know the probability of whether or not your Claim would be settled, you need to look at the Claim settlement ratio of the insurance company.

A Claim settlement ratio is simply calculated as the ratio of number of claims settled by the insurance company to the [...] Continue Reading

Car Insurance 

How is car insurance premium calculated?

Posted on 16 Sep 2014 by Easypolicy

Car insurance Premium is the money paid to the insurance provider for reducing risks associated with possessing a car. We know it has benefits; but what are the costs? Here is a look at how car insurance premium is calculated based on three factors.

a.Insured declared value or IDV is the value of the car as estimated by the insurance company when a motor insurance application is made for the first time. This value is the maximum amoun [...] Continue Reading

Life Insurance 

what to know about life insurance?

Posted on 25 Jun 2014 by Easypolicy

Life insurance provides the financial resources your family may need to pay immediate and continuing expenses when you die. It thus protects your family from future financial uncertainties in case of your unfortunate early demise. Buying a life insurance is an important decision and it needs to be taken with some background understanding. Here are some basics you should know about life insurance before you buy one for you.

1) How much life i [...] Continue Reading

Pension Insurance 

how to go about retirement planning

Posted on 14 Jun 2014 by Easypolicy

As life expectancy is increasing the retirement phase is gaining significance. Many people during their working phase look forward to having a great time in retirement days. 

Financial constraints start affecting daily routine and habits making life really miserable. It is important that while you are young and earning, you give some thought to your retirement life. Retirement gives you all the time in the world to do what you feel like. But to de [...] Continue Reading

Travel Insurance 

Trip Planning With a Best Travel Policy

Posted on 20 May 2014 by Easypolicy

Whether you are traveling for business, education, leisure or social reasons, if you want peace of mind it is advisable that you buy a Travel Insurance plan. Travel Insurance protects you from various travel related contingencies which can really put you in a mess. These travel related adversities can hit anybody and is always unexpected. Hence, it makes sense to be prepared to deal with these while traveling.

Some of the most common situations that ca [...] Continue Reading