Investment Insurance 

Which One to Choose – Endowment or Money Back?

Posted on 17 Oct 2014 by Easypolicy

Insurance companies have tailored insurance policies in different formats in an effort to customize their offerings to the needs of large variety of customers. Endowment insurance plan and money-back insurance plans are among the more popular formats in which insurance policies are available. Many potential customers who look to buy an insurance cover/investment plan find it difficult to decide the best insurance option for them and how the various options differ.

Health Insurance 

tips to save money on health insurance

Posted on 15 Oct 2014 by Easypolicy

With an increased Risk of developing diseases and spread of new and unknown outbreaks of epidemics today, it makes increasingly better sense to opt for health cover. However, it is also important to choose Health Insurance Policy that fits your bill, so that you have the protection of health Claim without having to dig deep into your finances.

Here is a look at some of the ways of saving money on health insurance:

1. T [...] Continue Reading

Term Insurance 

All about Comparing a Term Plan

Posted on 01 Oct 2014 by Easypolicy

A Term plan is plain vanilla insurance product. It is an ideal product for those who are seeking pure Risk cover against death at the lowest cost.

If you are contemplating buying a Term insurance you should be aware that not all Term plans are the same. Term plans vary from each other in several aspects. Before you choose one for yourself, make sure to have compared them. It is common to see people getting lured by the low premiums and buying any Term plan. They only realize later tha [...] Continue Reading

Car Insurance 

car policy types in india

Posted on 23 Sep 2014 by Easypolicy

Car insurance policies offered by general insurance companies in India can be broadly classified into two types – liability only Policy and comprehensive policy. While it is mandatory for you to own a liability policy, you have the freedom to decide if you need to own a comprehensive plan.

What is a liability policy?

This is also known as third party liability insurance. A liability Policy would cover the liability towards a third part [...] Continue Reading

General Insurance 

How Does Claim Settlement Ratio Affect You?

Posted on 17 Sep 2014 by Easypolicy

We buy life insurance Policy with a hope that our family will be secured even if we were to meet with an early unfortunate demise. But this is not entirely true as there are chances that yourinsurance Claim could be rejected. To know the probability of whether or not your Claim would be settled, you need to look at the Claim settlement ratio of the insurance company.

A Claim settlement ratio is simply calculated as the ratio of number of claims settled by the insurance company to the [...] Continue Reading

Child Insurance 

Understanding the basics of child insurance

Posted on 13 Sep 2014 by Easypolicy

Child insurance has grown and evolved as a concept and is a sophisticated investment instrument these days. With the buzzword doing the rounds all over, what do you need to know in terms of understanding its basics and making full utilization of what it has to offer?

•Child plan is not just another piece of investment. This is a specially floated tool that is meant to give your child the freedom and the financial power that he or she ma [...] Continue Reading

Pension Insurance 

how would you like to spend your retired life?

Posted on 18 Jun 2014 by Easypolicy

To some people retirement is the most awaited time of their life, while others want to run away from it. So whether we hate it or love it, there will be a time when will retire from active life. Like everything else in this world there are both good things and bad things about retirement. Retirement planning is all about being prepared to make the most of good things that retired life gives to us and be able to deal with what you dislike about retirement. I would say the key to a happy and [...] Continue Reading

Travel Insurance 

how important is third party insurance in travel insurance?

Posted on 12 Jun 2014 by Easypolicy

Ask people about how they feel when they have to travel. You would get mix reactions from them. Some would say they enjoy travelling, and some would say they do not. But majority of people find travelling more hectic and stressful. Most of us would agree that travelling is stressful, but it can be made hassle-free and simple if you have done proper planning for it.

How can your travelling be made smooth? It can be made smooth and seamless if you plan in advance, take care of all your [...] Continue Reading

Life Insurance 

could your life insurance company fail?

Posted on 31 Jan 2013 by Easypolicy

Life insurance policies provide your family the much needed financial stability in case of your sudden demise. This becomes all the more essential when the breadwinner of the family is gone suddenly. Your family can still meet their vital needs and maintain the same standard of living that was available that they had earlier. However, what if the insurance company goes bust?

Like in case of a bank, your insurance company could also go bankrupt. However, this does not mean that all you [...] Continue Reading