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Q- What is insurance?
A- Insurance is a contract usually between a large financial institution that offers fixed protection to another person, institution or entity against a possible future loss in return of a predetermined premium. Insurance is a Risk management tool that is taken as a precautionary measure against future risks that may or may not happen.

Q- Is insurance mandatory?
A- By Law, only vehicle insurance, which covers third-party liability, is mandatory. No other type of insurance is compulsory. Insurance is a measure to protect your assets from damages in case of an unforeseen accident or to take care of dependents in case of a mishap with the earning member. Therefore, insurance is meant for anyone and everyone. It may not be mandatory but it is a necessity to cover the uncertainties of life.

Q- How much insurance do I need?
A- You need as much insurance as you think will be required to cover your damages or liabilities such that you or your Dependants don’t feel the financial pinch. Every individual has different requirements, goals and liabilities. Based on these, insurance plans and products are launched from time to time by different insurance companies. A Survey of various options available will give you a fair idea. You can also call us for any assistance and advice in the matter.

Q- What is Easypolicy.com?
A- Easypolicy is a specialized insurance information site that helps people choose insurance plans best suited to their needs.

Currently in India, Insurance sector has been plagued with the ill of unscientific selling. The market largely dominated by individual insurance agents has often seen common complaints of mis-selling. The mis-selling is largely due to the fact that agents are tied to one insurance company and therefore offer little choices amongst insurers. Most of them also tend to sell the plans that get them highest commissions for themselves. There is no need analysis and fitment of plan to individual requirements.

Easypolicy.com allows customers to search for the plan that suits their requirement the most. We are insurer agnostic and have tie-ups with most of the insurance companies operating in India. We bring to your doorstep- information and comparisons based on key features and prices of different insurers for Life insurance, Term Life insurance, Health insurance, Car insurance, Travel insurance etc.

Easypolicy owned by Easypolicy Insurance Web Aggregators which is based out of Noida and has 8 years of distinguished service in the insurance intermediary space. The key difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent is that while the latter represents one insurance company to a customer, the broker represents the customer to multiple insurance companies.

Once the customer makes his/her mind, Easypolicy helps in completing the sale.All booking and post booking services are handled by trained insurance staff of Easypolicy as per IRDA's regulations.We offer an end to end service spectrum to customers including helping with claims settlement procedures.We also help our visitors in managing their existing insurance policies for renewals, premium collection etc.

Q- What is an insurance aggregator?
A- An insurance aggregator is an online resource with a search utility that facilitates the user to get insurance quotes from many companies and allows comparison between them. A good aggregator equips you with enough information to be able to pick the most suitable insurance for your purpose.

Q- Is there a difference between the aggregator and insurance companies’ website?
A- For almost all types of insurance, there is no difference in the product features or price on the aggregator’s site and the insurance company website. On the aggregator’s site you may find similar products by different companies, differently priced from each other.

Q- How can Easypolicy help me?
A- Easypolicy simply makes insurance easy for you. Here you can get quotes from all insurance companies, make price-feature comparisons and see what each company has to offer. We also assist you with easy information, which helps you understand the intimidating world of insurance better so that you can make an informed choice. Moreover, when you know what you want, we’ll help you get it. Easypolicy’s support team are there to guide you at any and every step.

Q- How does Easypolicy work?
A- Easypolicy gets you real-time updated records of insurance companies and their products The moment you feed in your basic information to get the quote,Easypolicy helps you fetch the most relevant and reliable quotes from different insurers. Our advanced search, comparison, and filter functions give you all the power you need to get the right insurance policy for you. Additionally, there are special features for registered users that make it even easier. And yes, registration is easy and absolutely free!

Q- How much do I have to pay to Easypolicy for its services?
A- Easypolicy services are free for our customers. You do not have to pay anything for our services.

Q- How do we make money then?
A- Easypolicy gets IRDA approved commissions from the insurance companies for all the purchases you make using its services.

Q- Who pays Easypolicy for it’s services?
A- We take service charges from the insurance companies you decide to buy insurance from, through us.

Q- If I need assistance, what should I do?
A- You can go through our product FAQs. You might find your answer there. You can also call us at 801010 3-2-7-9 (e-a-s-y). or email us at help@easypolicy.com and our representative will get in touch with you to help you through.

Q- Can I seek telephonic advice?
A- Yes. Trained insurance experts will be glad to advice and offer consultation to you. You can call us at 801010 3-2-7-9 (e-a-s-y) and we will try to resolve your queries.

Q- How should I contact Easypolicy?
A- You can call us at 801010 3-2-7-9 (e-a-s-y) or email us at help@easypolicy.com. For detailed information, please visit the contact us section.

Q- By when will I get a response from Easypolicy?
A- If you have called, you will be attended to immediately or if you have dropped in a message through email, you will get our response from us within 24 hours.

Q- How safe is my information with Easypolicy?
A- Your privacy is totally safe with Easypolicy. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.

Q- How can I retrieve my password?
A- If you have forgotten your password, you may click on retrieve password.

Q- Can I change my contact details or my log in details?
A- Once you log in, you may view or edit your Profile, but you cannot change your registered email ID. You may however, specify an alternate email ID.

Q- Can I retrieve my quote or get a new one?
A- Yes, you can get a quote by entering basic information. You may retrieve your quoteby using your login details sent to you through mail when you first requested the quote.

Q- Can I buy insurance from Easypolicy?
A- Easypolicy is an insurance aggregator that assists you in buying the policy from the insurance company of your choice. You can book the insurance through Easypolicy.com, however the payment will be made directly to the insurer.

Q- What services do I get after I have bought insurance from you?
A- Once you have booked a Policy through Easypolicy, you can manage and renew your policies in the 'My Easypolicy' section, or simply call us up at 801010 3-2-7-9 (e-a-s-y) for assistance. You will also be intimated by our team for renewal of the Policy well in time. Moreover, please don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance in the Claim settlement procedures.

Q- When do I get my policy documents?
A- Once you buy insurance through us and complete all documentation, the policy documents may reach you in up to 15 days.

Q- How do I get policy documents once I buy the policy?
A- The Policy documents will be sent to you directly by the insurance company through email, post or courier, after the insurance Proposal has been accepted by the insurance company.In some cases, you may be required to provide supporting documents, failing which could cancel your policy application.

Q- Can I cancel my policy after I buy it but decide I don’t want to keep it after reading it?
A- For life insurance, insurance companies offers a “free look period” of 15 days starting from the day you receive the policy documents. During this period you can have the policy cancelled and get the full premium amount refunded. After the “free look period” is over, the premium amount is not refunded.

Q- Can I renew my insurance at Easypolicy?
A- You can manage and renew your policies in an instant from my Easypolicy, or simply call us up at 801010 3-2-7-9 (e-a-s-y). You will also be intimated by our team for renewal of the Policy well in time.

Q- Is my policy valid from the moment I make the payment?
A- No, your Policy is not valid the moment you make the payment. After the transaction is complete, your proposal will be verified and underwritten by the insurer. Your Policy will be issued only after the total case assessment process is complete and the insurance company accepts the assessment. The same will be communicated to you by the insurer after your transaction is complete. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 801010 3-2-7-9 (e-a-s-y) for updates.

Q- Is Easypolicy website my insurer if I buy my policy through Easypolicy?
A- No. Your Insurer is the company that you buy insurance from, through Easypolicy. Easypolicy is an insurance facilitator and not an insurance company. We offer free referral services to our customers and facilitate the purchase of insurance.

Q- Can I make a claim even if the policy documents haven’t reached me?
A- You need to know your policy number at the time of claim, even if the policy document has not reached you considering the fact that you fulfil the waiting period norms as mentioned in the policy or there is a delay in sending the policy. If the policy documents have not reached you because your proposal for insurance has not been accepted, you cannot make a claim.

Q- Does Easypolicy honor my claim?
A- Since Easypolicy is not an insurance company; we cannot honor your claim. You need to present the Claim to your insurance provider. Although as facilitators, we can guide you with the step by step procedure for making a claim.

Q- What do I do if I need to make a claim?
A- For the cashless facility, you need to inform the TPA for the claims and get a reference number within the stipulated time to avail the benefit. TPA number is given on the information booklet as well as your health cards received by you. For reimbursements or other claims for life cover or personal accident etc, you need to inform the insurance company, fill up the claims form attach necessary documents like death or damage certificate, FIR copy and original bills and invoice etc. as the case may be and send it to your insurance company.

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