About us

Easypolicy.com has been created with a vision to provide transparent and top-notch services through technology to simplify, advise, inform, educate and to make insurance more accessible and available across India.


Insurance is a product of need. There are many a situations in life when Insurance is just about the crucial difference you want to have on your side. Both selling and purchasing of Insurance are therefore acts that require great responsibility.

India is a largely unprotected market. The protection gap is a staggering 92%. This means that out of Rs100 that is required to overcome any disadvantageous situations that arise of calamities like Death, only Rs.8 is available to public at large. This is catastrophic especially as India also has a very weak social security apparatus.

To add to the difficulties, Insurance products in the country are complex to a common man and there is this unfortunate history of rapid miss-selling. The customers remain at the receiving end both at time of purchase and also when it comes to seeking claim.

How it works

Unbiased information, collated over years of our experience. Insurance unjargoned in easy words.

Compare insurance quotes and features side by side to find the best option. Save precious money.

Apply through Easypolicy and our licensed advisors will handle everything for you. Buying Insurance was never so simple and easy!