What No One Tells You About Insurance

7 Online Insurance Myths – No One Tells You About!

Insurance for many in India is still a taboo! Many people are still oblivious to the plethora of benefits an insurance policy can bring to your life. Why is an insurance still a social stigma in India then? To explain it in short, it is called misinformation and seeking advice from the wrong and inept people. It is because of…

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Financial Decisions You Should Make Today

Turning 30? 9 Financial Decisions You Should Make Today!

Turning 30+ ? Well, that is an ominous figure in India that most parents warn us about. Most parents chalk out a little plan and some objective that you should have achieved by age. Remember, it is not just another year on the calendar or a mere milestone, turning 30 means you are at the most crucial juncture of your…

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Insurance Policy Benefits

5 Ways to Save Tax and Secure Your Family!

Introduction to Investment and Tax Saving Every bread-earner in a family has one single aim: to secure his\her family member’s future and to give them better avenues in life when hit by crisis or in times of need. ‘Life’ is a very fragile thing, it cannot be safeguarded and is always prone to the perils of this world. However, you…

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Best Investment plan in 2015

Why Insurance Is The Best Investment In 2015

2015 is the year when our new government has just announced its new budget. This is the best time for most insurance investors due to many things. First, the budget has allocated many premium benefits to people looking forward to invest in the insurance sector. Some of these are: Increase in the health insurance premium tax benefit from INR 15,000…

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10 Tips to Buy Life Insurance

Don’t Buy Insurance Until You Know These 10 Facts

Investing in an insurance policy is a big risk and a source of peace both at the same time. However, risks are involved in almost everything you do in life. What you should look forward to are positives. Any insurance policy guarantees your health and well-being, especially during crucial times when money is of the supreme importance to you. Consider…

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life insurance policy cover benefits

Painful Truths about Life Everyone Forgets Too Soon

Benjamin Disraeli said, “I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. A great approach to life, indeed! Optimism is what keeps us going, keeps our spirits alive, come what may. However, life is always uncertain. It catches us off guard many a times. Hence, one should be prepared for the worst too. Life insurance works on the…

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science of life insurance

The Surprising Science of Life Insurance!

Life Insurance Science! What is it all about? An average person seeking life insurance quotes feels that he/she can understand the system well. However, discovering that their policy has become overpriced, and that their life insurance rate is not the same as the initial quote appeals them. This has a lot to do with the changing life insurance science. Prevention…

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