Difference Between Normal Term Plan, Term Plan With Return Of Premium And Term Plan With Monthly Income

Difference BetweenNormal Term Plan, Term Plan With Return Of Premium And Term Plan With Monthly Income

To be very true, term plans are the best insurance plans you can currently buy for true worth of your money. Term plans are essentially insurance plans that run over a period of time, normally the insurer’s lifetime. However, since most insurers tend to outgrow the term they applied their insurance for, or tend to benefit more from their policy…

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Insurance Strategies And Plans

What Should Be Your Insurance Strategies And Plans If You Are Self Employed?

Gaurav Bannerjee, is a young, smart and talented guy! He left the comfort of his big fat job as a copywriter with a reputed advertising firm to start working as a freelance writer, which could give him ample creative liberties! Well, quite happens with creative people, right? However a health emergency in the family immediately made him realize that the…

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Easypolicy Insurance Web Aggregator

Warning: Insurance Agent vs. Online Insurance Aggregator

We will start this blog with a simple question to you – What method do you think is better for buying insurance? Via an insurance agent or with the help of Easy Policy’s Online Insurance Aggregator? For people who know the advantages of e-commerce and speedy transactions online, the answer is simple and obvious. But, for the other people who…

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insurance coverage for Indian Family

Big News! Indian Government To Launch Three New Insurance and Pension Schemes For The Masses

After long contemplation and debacle, it seems that the Indian government is finally considering the benefits of social security for the poor or underprivileged people of India. There had always been a discord between Indian citizens about the lack of government-aided Insurance schemes that offered pension plans as well. After Jan Dhan campaign’s brilliant success in India, three mega social-security…

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Your Job Is Not Good For Your Health!

This is the story of a man in his early 30’s, Sumit Saxena. He is working in his dream job, earning a good pay package and is among one of the best performers at his job! Sumit is married and very soon going to be a father as well. Sounds like a perfect story, right? Here’s the catch: Sumit might…

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