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Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Health Insurance!

We all are constantly bombarded by advertisements, suggestions, and advice from everyone around us to buy health insurance. We are always told about the various benefits it offers, how life will become easier and how we should buy a policy ASAP! This is where we tend to get emotional and commit some mistakes that prove costly for us. Instead of…

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Plan Your Retirement The Smart Way!

Staying young is everyone’s eternal dream, but the harsh reality of life is that old age is inevitable. Hence it important to plan it well in advance so that one can live stress-free during the golden years of one’s life. Old age brings with it its own share of medical problems that mostly don’t have any cure except managing them…

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The Most Important Thing To Do While You’re Alive And Kicking!

Living life to the fullest involves buying great materialistic things, investing in big assets, working to your best potential and partying hard. However, while you’re doing all this, life keeps slipping away and one fine day we face the music! Therefore it is important that before some unpleasant surprises knock our door, we do something more sensible and use our…

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Life Happens: Make Sure Your Life Insurance Is Ready For It!

Everyone is busy living a life. Earning money, growing in career, taking care of family, buying gadgets, going on vacations, purchasing assets and things like that are always on priority lists. However, in this running around, most of us tend to forget that life is fragile and the future is uncertain. Many of us make plans of securing ourselves and…

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How Income Tax Is Going To Change Your Strategies?

Being an entrepreneur and running your own organisation gives an adrenaline high that very few other things can provide. Once the business starts generating substantial revenues, expansion becomes the norm and turnover starts rising, it becomes challenging to handle the finances and ensure that the profits you earn are used to grow the business rather than paying them off as…

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