6 Common Diseases That Affect on Your Health Policy

Zahid was a healthy 27-year-old. However, with hypertension and diabetes both prevalent in his family, he was at a risk for contracting the illnesses too. As a result, he decided to take a health insurance plan right away while he was still at his fittest. This provided a large cover at a considerably lower cost. Sadly though, in five years’ time, Zahid was diagnosed with diabetes. Thankfully, his existing health plan covered all the expenses he incurred in getting the treatment.

Health insurance is absolutely vital in today’s day and age. Apart from common illnesses like hypertension and diabetes, people are even at risk for deadlier diseases like cancer and brain stroke. So get a good insurance plan and cover your health.

Effect of common diseases on your health policy

Did you know that a pre-existing illness can change the cost and availability of your health plan? You, therefore, need to be careful when choosing a health plan. Let us take a look at some of the common illnesses and how they can affect your health insurance plan.

1. Hypertension

Hypertension is considered to be a ‘pre-existing’ medical condition by many insurers. So if you have hypertension you will have to pay a higher premium for your plan. If you have a family history of hypertension, you may have to undergo stringent medical tests before you get the plan.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is also considered to be a ‘pre-existing’ medical condition. So in this case too, your premiums will be higher. There are many health plans that provide special cover for diabetes care. So if you have this illness, you could consider a specific insurance policy to make the most of your coverage.

3. Cancer

Cancer is on the rise. Unfortunately, we hear many people contracting this deadly disease nowadays. Cancer is considered to be a critical illness by most insurers and is covered by critical illness plans or health insurance riders. Regular health plans also cover cancer but since cancer treatment is very expensive, you will most likely have to pay a part of the bill from your pocket.

4. Fevers

In the last few years, fevers like dengue, chikungunya, and malaria have claimed a lot of lives. These fevers have become serious health threats. As a result, most health plans have provisions for the treatment of fevers that require hospitalization of 24 hours or more. Being affected by such a disease may eat away a part of your sum insured.

5. Gastrointestinal Diseases

Lifestyle changes like erratic eating habits, unhygienic food preparation centers and pollution all contribute towards the rise in gastrointestinal diseases among Indians. Gastrointestinal diseases have of late become very common and many health plans have specific covers for these ailments. If you are prone to gastroenteritis, choose a health plan wisely to decrease the effect of the illness on the overall benefits of the plan.

6. Heart Ailments

Stress and unhealthy lifestyles are making a lot of people these days susceptible to heart ailments. This is another common disease that affects your health insurance policy. Heart ailments are covered under most health plans but here too the expenses are very high and you end up paying a percentage from your pocket. So not only does the illness eat into your health plan, it leaves you poorer as well!

There are many common diseases that impact your health plan. From pushing up the premium amount to eating out a piece of the sum insured to even, in some cases, making the policy unavailable to you, these illnesses can be very tricky.

Thankfully though, there are many health insurance plans available in India these days. The different plans are customized as per the needs of different people. Additionally, you can also purchase riders to make your plan all the more flexible. So make sure you get a plan keeping your health in mind.

Assess your own existing medical conditions and also think about the family medical history. This will help you find a plan with the maximum cover at the minimum cost. Don’t forget how common illnesses can affect your health insurance! But if you are careful, the effect will not be too severe.

So Compare Health Insurance Plans and Choose the Best One For You and Your Family!