9 Financial Decisions You Should Make Today

9 Financial Decisions You Should Make Today!

Turning 30+ ? Well, that is an ominous figure in India that most parents warn us about. Most parents chalk out a little plan and some objective that you should have achieved by age. Remember, it is not just another year on the calendar or a mere milestone, turning 30 means you are at the most crucial juncture of your…

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6 Common Diseases Affect Your Health Policy

6 Common Diseases That Affect on Your Health Policy

Zahid was a healthy 27-year-old. However, with hypertension and diabetes both prevalent in his family, he was at a risk for contracting the illnesses too. As a result, he decided to take a health insurance plan right away while he was still at his fittest. This provided a large cover at a considerably lower cost. Sadly though, in five years’…

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Save Money For Child Education

Save Money for the Education of Your Child

Joseph and his wife Nalini always wanted to give their daughter Natasha the very best in her life. From sending her to the best school (and college later on) to enrolling her in all her favorite extra-curricular activities, they never fell short of providing her with the best. However, when Joseph suddenly fell Ill when Natasha was just 10 years…

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7 Online Insurance Myths

7 Online Insurance Myths – No One Tells You About Them

Insurance for many in India is still a taboo! Many people are still oblivious to the plethora of benefits an insurance policy can bring to your life. Why is insurance still a social stigma in India then? To explain it in short, it is called misinformation and seeking advice from the wrong and inept people. It is because of such…

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Right Age to Buy Term Insurance

Right Age To Buy Term Insurance plan

They say we have no control over death. It can come to us at any time but what we can do is to delay the process, not deny it. Death of an earning member in a family brings a huge financial crisis. We might not overcome death but we surely can solve the uncertainty of economic crisis by opting for…

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