This Mother’s Day, Gift Your Mom The Boon of Health Insurance!

No matter how old you are, or you have become a parent yourself, you can never remain detached from your mother: the single identity in your life that is responsible for your existence and keeps worrying about your day in and day out. Now, since you are grown up and have taken up the charge of your own life and…

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Compare Health Insurance Plans

Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Health Insurance!

We all are constantly bombarded by advertisements, suggestions, and advice from everyone around us to buy health insurance. We are always told about the various benefits it offers, how life will become easier and how we should buy a policy ASAP! This is where we tend to get emotional and commit some mistakes that prove costly for us. Instead of…

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Plan Your Retirement The Smart Way!

Staying young is everyone’s eternal dream, but the harsh reality of life is that old age is inevitable. Hence it important to plan it well in advance so that one can live stress-free during the golden years of one’s life. Old age brings with it its own share of medical problems that mostly don’t have any cure except managing them…

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What Are The Financial Fears Of A Common Man

What Are The Financial Fears Of A Common Man?

A common man’s life is full of challenges and obstacles. Living a basic dignified life in the country is as such very difficult and on top of it if one meets with a tragedy or gets into some problem, in that case life itself becomes a burden! To enjoy life, one needs to be financially stable. However, achieving that basic…

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Why Should I Buy High Cover Value Health Insurance Policy?

Health is very fragile these days! To maintain health requires a lot of efforts and to restore health involves not only efforts but also a lot of money! Most individuals are either covered by their employers or they buy individual insurance plans for amounts that can at best be considered peanuts when compared to the actual cost of medical treatment….

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