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How to Calculate the Sum Assured Required in Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an important instrument that ensures financial assistance to the dependents of an Insured person in the event of his/her untimely demise. It is purchased so that another source of income is already there in case the insured person dies and dependents do not get into the financial constraints when there is a Read more about How to Calculate the Sum Assured Required in Life Insurance?[…]

What Happens When I Don’t Pay Life Insurance Premium?

Who doesn’t want to live a financially secured worry-free life? Unwanted occurrences do affect our lives, but life can still go on. This is possible with life insurance. As you grow up, responsibilities multiply. As a social being, you start pursuing a career, get married, have children and take care of your family including dependent Read more about What Happens When I Don’t Pay Life Insurance Premium?[…]

Evolution of the Indian Insurance Industry

Term Life Insurance Premium Increases With Your Age, So Buy Early! Premiums are increasing with your age, So compare term plan today and buy at a lower premium. Compare Now The awareness about insurance is quite high today, thanks to the way many of the leading brands in the insurance industry have been promoting the Read more about Evolution of the Indian Insurance Industry[…]

Understanding Money-Back Term Plan

An individual buying term insurance is assured of death benefits if death occurs during the tenure of the term. The biggest drawback in such a Policy is that the Premium paid will go waste if the Insured survives the policy term. An endowment policy avoids this drawback. It provides death benefits or lump sum returns depending Read more about Understanding Money-Back Term Plan[…]