People Are Afraid To Buy Insurance

Why People Are Afraid To Buy Insurance In India?

Most foreign nations hold health insurance as mandatory for its citizens. Why? Because, they realize the importance of health care and proper medical treatment. But, in India, people are still unsure and sometimes afraid to…

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Secure Your Future Now with Aegon’s Latest iTerm Insurance Plan

In today’s day and age, a number of horrific incidents happen daily and also more and more threatening diseases are discovered all the time. To get worried about your family thinking about their security in…

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The New AEGON iTerm Plan: The Prime Features & Important Benefits

The insurance sector in India has seen accelerated growth in the last decade. The growth curve of life insurance, in particular, has been upward, thanks to the awareness among the public. Another factor that contributed…

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Quick Tips to Compare Your Life Insurance Plan

Comparing life insurance is always a good idea as there are many benefits to doing this. From saving money to finding the best features, you will be able to get the most out of your…

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How Can I Save Money on Life Insurance?

A life insurance policy is increasingly becoming the need of the hour as more and more individuals are buying their financial security through a life insurance plan. However, whenever a life insurance plan is considered,…

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Many in India Still Think That Insurance is an Avoidable Expenditure

The insurance sector has only 2% penetration in Indian market largely to the fact that Indians see it as an avoidable expenditure. Many in India don’t see the urgency to get insurance policies. A majority…

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The Most Important Thing To Do While You’re Alive And Kicking!

Living life to the fullest involves buying great materialistic things, investing in big assets, working to your best potential and partying hard. However, while you’re doing all this, life keeps slipping away and one fine…

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Who Is Killing Indians every day?

Who is Killing Indians every day?

Terrorists? No! Corruption? No! Price Rise? No! Then who is killing us every day? The answer is we are killing ourselves! [vc_button title=”Just Click & Secure Your Life !!! ” target=”_self” color=”orange” size=”size_large” href=””] Shocked?…

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How You Can Be Wealthy By Investing In Insurance Policies

How You Can Be Wealthy By Investing In Insurance Policies?

Money is something that is cherished by one and all! But, in order to get money you have to do something in order to get it; it does not arrive on its own or fall…

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What No One Tells You About Insurance

7 Online Insurance Myths – No One Tells You About!

Insurance for many in India is still a taboo! Many people are still oblivious to the plethora of benefits an insurance policy can bring to your life. Why is an insurance still a social stigma…

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