Documentation For Life Insurance Claims

Documentation is the paperwork that contains official information regarding the contract. In other words, documentation can also be called as the collection of documents that act as written evidence of the official information.

These are preserved as the record so that they can be utilized when required. Similarly, when insurance claims are needed to be raised, documents pertaining to the life insurance policy are utilized as proof.

Life insurance is acquired to provide financial support to the Dependants or the family members in case of the unexpected demise of the policyholder. And, at the time of maturity, the Sum Assured is granted to the policyholder.

Needless to say, one needs to raise the insurance claims either in case of demise of Policyholder or at the time of Maturity of the life insurance policy. Procedure to follow to raise the claims is more or less the same in both cases. However, what differs is the number and type of documents to be submitted.

Type of Documents Required to Raise Insurance Claims in Case of Death

Death of the dear one is the unfortunate event of anybody’s life and nobody can help to overcome this loss. Since the deceased person wanted to take care of his dependents in this untoward event too, he procured the life insurance policy.

Now, it is the responsibility of the knowledgeable survivors to raise the Claim for the same. Here, we have elements of documentation required to raise the insurance claim:

  • Original life insurance policy document which was received at the time of acquiring the policy.
  • First Premium receipt, in case, if one needs to raise a claim just after first premium receipt is issued.
  • Claim form in which the information of facts should be correct and no detail should be missed out.
  • Identification proof which should have a photo and date of birth of the Insured as well as the relationship with the insured.
  • Legal succession paper or Assignment deed which proves that the claimant has the legal title to raise insurance claims.
  • All Hospitalization documents which contain receipts as well as treatment details.
  • All medical prescriptions and bills.
  • Last attending physician’s certificate.
  • Original death certificate issued by the concerned authority.
  • Cremation certificate

In Case of Unnatural Death

  • Certified police report
  • The certified police inquest report
  • Chemical analysis report, if any
  • Certified postmortem report

Documentation Required at the Time of Maturity of Life Insurance Policy

Generally, when the maturity time of the policy is near, Life Insurance Company sends the intimation letter regarding the completion of the policy at least 2 to 3 months in advance. It describes the date of the maturity of life insurance policy as well as the amount payable as the sum assured. Along with the intimation, the company sends a discharge voucher. The policyholder has to send the following documents immediately to the Insurer company:

  • Original life insurance policy document
  • Discharge voucher duly completed
  • Age proof
  • Assignment/reassignment, if any

An action taken in rush can cause your insurance claim to get rejected or unduly delayed since raising the insurance claims is not that easy. Therefore, if you are the Beneficiary of life insurance or raising the claim at the maturity, you need to be practical and need to take your steps prudently.