How Exactly Do Cashless Car Insurance Claims Work?

How Do Cashless Car Insurance Claims Work?

What makes the cashless claim policy different is the fact that in case of any mishappening, you are required to inform your Insurer immediately, and the company, in turn, direct you to one of the authorized garages. In this case, you – the Policyholder – don’t have to pay anything, your car insurance company will directly pay for the repairs. Thus, this certainly is a hassle-free solution and time saving as well.

These authorized garages are able to take care of your car in the most efficient manner, be it repairing or replacing any damaged parts, and any cash payments, all are handled by your car insurer.

So What Exactly is Insured?

In most of the cashless claim cases, the car insurance policy covers the metal parts of the car and you have to cover the cost of all other parts that include any plastic parts and other car accessories. Since most of the cost will have been taken care of by the car insurance in collaboration with their accredited garages, you will find it very easy to get your car back after the cashless claim has been settled.

What Would Disqualify You From Getting the Cashless Claim?

There are situations that may lead you to lose the cashless claim. Most of these are usually mistakes on the car owner’s part although most of them are honest mistakes

The first mistake that most people make is to modify the car after it has been insured. While this may be a good improvement on the car, there are insurers who would argue that the car that you are claiming insurance for is not the same as the one they insured. Or that you are increasing the value of the car through modifying it without increasing your premiums.

Another mistake that a lot of people make is to take the car for repairs before they have notified their insurer and the police. This is actually one of the reasons that a lot of people lose their cashless claims.

The other is where the damage is caused by the owner of the car unintentionally. Some of the car insurance issuers may argue that they Insured the car from naturally occurring damage and unavoidable situations like accidents. So if you did the damage yourself, then you need to pay for it.

The whole process of getting the cashless claim or lodging the car insurance claims has to be clear with you from the start so that you are not disqualified from getting the car insurance claim when you need it most.