Importance of a Health Insurance Plan For Family

Do you love your family? Your answer would be obvious, ‘Yes’, wouldn’t it? We all love our family because family is our greatest blessing. That is the reason why we do so much for them. Providing for our family’s comfort is our priority sometimes even at the cost of our comfort. But what happens to our love for our family when it comes to buying a health insurance plan for them?

A Health Insurance plan is mandatory in today’s age when the cost of medicine is increasing by leaps and bounds whereas the depth of our pockets remains the same. As such, bearing the costs of a medical emergency becomes financially stressful and inconvenient. That is why a health plan has become a priority and more and more people are leaning on a health insurance plan to secure their finances.

Though we might ensure Coverage for ourselves, the importance of covering our family too in a health insurance plan is lost on us. This article is intended to open your eyes towards such importance and the following points would tell you why a health plan is mandatory for your family too.

The incidence of diseases has increased – don’t believe me but believe the experts. Reports submitted by WHO states that the burden of diseases has increased manifold and in the coming decade, this incidence is likely to increase further and that too at an alarming rate! No member of your family is free from the Risk of ailments anymore. Considering this, would you be able to shoulder the financial costs of such diseases if any of them strike any member of your beloved family?

Life expectancy has increased – as against the rising incidence of ailments; the average life expectancy of individuals has increased. Modern medicine has worked its wonders and now more people are surviving beyond the age of 70 years, a feat which was rare earlier. Though you must be happy knowing that your family members would survive longer, there is another scenario to consider. A higher life expectancy means a higher probability of diseases and consecutively higher financial stress. Are you ready for it?

Medical costs have become a menace – if the present trends are any indication, medical Inflation is booming and that too by leaps and bounds. Newer treatments have revolutionized the face of medicine and have also become heavy on our pockets. As such, a health insurance plan has become a necessity for a middle-class man to shoulder such huge costs. And when it comes to family, you would want to afford the best treatment for them, wouldn’t you?

These three points must have made you realize the importance of covering your family under a health insurance plan and now you must be wondering how to secure your family’s health too. If the premiums involved are a concern, relax! A family floater health insurance plan is your savior which provides coverage for your whole family at a reasonable premium.

Family floater health insurance plan

A family floater health plan covers yourself, your spouse, your dependent children (up to a maximum age of 23 or 25 years) and also dependent parents. It is one plan covering all and thus takes care of your family’s health insurance requirement. The Premium rates depend on the number of members covered, the Sum Assured chosen and the age of the eldest member. The coverage is shared by all the members and the associated premiums are low.

So, you don’t have to bother about buying a different plan for every family member. A Family Floater Plan and you are sorted. Here are some of the popular family floater health plans for your consideration: So, what do you think? Wouldn’t you want to cover your family’s health too at such low premiums? Your family deserves every happiness and covering them under a health plan is one such thing which would put a smile on their faces and ultimately, yours too.