Options For Personal Accident Insurance

Life insurance provides comprehensive cover for the crisis that will possibly affect us financially. The investment in Accident insurance is a decision of a lifetime and you must ensure that the investment is proper and beneficial to you in all ways.

Personal accident is covered in most of the health and life insurance policies. The insurance benefits you are entitled to depend upon your choice of plan.

What is covered under personal accident insurance?

  • Accidental death
  • Permanent disability due to accident
  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Expenses for treatment of burns and broken bones

What is Not Covered?

  • The intentional hurting of body
  • The injury inflicted in war
  • The accident caused when under the influence of drug/alcohol
  • The accident caused while participating in hazardous and untrained sports activities
  • Injuries caused while being a part of public aggression
  • The injury inflicted while committing a crime

How to Apply?

  • Identify and choose a company that gives you Policy with accident insurance.
  • Be completely aware of the insurance benefits, premiums, policy tenure, Riders available, covers provided, insurance Claim procedure and exclusions.
  • Once you have decided on the best insurance plan ensure that you do the filling process carefully. Consult an Insurance Agent to ensure that the details you provided are sufficient and accurate.
  • After buying the policy, make sure that you are regular in paying the premiums.
  • Be aware of all the minor details of the insurance contract and share your knowledge about the policy with your family members and make sure they are aware of the premiums you have paid and your life insurance claim procedures.

How to Claim?

  • Intimate the insurance company and provide details of incident and hospital.
  • Submit the claim form filled with accurate details.
  • Ensure collecting all the necessary documents to support the claim and submit them along with claim form. The documents must include policy details, hospital bills, and medical report, death certificate in case of death due to an accident, etc.
  • The claim once made by the policyholder is subject to investigation by the insurer.
  • Once the investigation is complete and the insurance claim is approved the amount will be settled within a stipulated time.


  • Comprehensive financial help during an accident
  • Instant cover during accidents.
  • Services include medical opinions, trauma counseling, and bereavement support

Things to Remember?

  • Read the policy guidelines carefully before investing
  • Share policy details with family members and ensure that they are aware of how to make a claim
  • Ensure that premiums are regularly paid. Delay in premiums can cause complications
  • Verify the accuracy of details while filling a policy form. Make sure you report any change in address to avoid miscommunication