Painful Truths about Life Everyone Forgets Too Soon

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Benjamin Disraeli said, “I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

A great approach to life, indeed! Optimism is what keeps us going, keeps our spirits alive, come what may. However, life is always uncertain. It catches us off guard many a times. Hence, one should be prepared for the worst too.

Life insurance works on the same theme. Generally, when we hear the word “insurance”, a little uneasiness creeps in. But again, it is just a friendly, but provision for the unforeseen. We never know with absolute certainty what turn our life may take in time to come.

With rapidly transforming world and constantly changing lifestyles, this uncertainty is only growing bigger, and the average life span is coming down. Knowingly or knowingly, we sometimes find ourselves in situations that explain us why life insurance is important for us. Out of these situations, there are few we can control, but the others, we can’t. If we are observant, we will come across a number of instances that may make us realize the need for having our lives secured.

Let’s look at few such examples.

Smoking and drinking

Out of stress, for social acceptance, to have good times, or to chill out, we may have apparently, valid excuses to follow these habits. But let’s face it. They are taking a toll on our health. We can follow these habits for any reason. But ultimately they are reducing the number of days from life, and making it more uncertain, and are contributing to the rising number of heart problems, blood pressure, hypertension and various other health issues.

Other bad habits

Blame it on our lifestyle, or convenience, we are following several bad habits; for example, irregular sleep, no exercise, untimely and imbalanced diet, disturbing body cycle, etc. Gradually, the effect of all of the bad habits starts to take over our health and we realize that our body is no longer as strong as it used to be.


That’s what we consider the most important. After all, we do everything for our bread, butter and future only. Don’t we? And we are ready to incur any price for it as long it appears to be tolerable; be its odd timings, longer hours, working in shifts, irregular routine. This all disturbs our body cycle and health suffers eventually.

Stress and depression

Stress. Just look around, and you will find it everywhere. Workplace issues, family problems, career worries, financial and social insecurities, tax deduction, disappointing salary hike; it’s just everywhere. Not all plans fall in place, not every outcome is pleasant. Stress is inevitable, and when we fail to control this, the accumulated load becomes too much to handle. It may lead to high blood pressure, hypertension, psychological disorders, and in some severe cases – depression. Yes, it is as bad as it looks.

Rush driving

On a satirical note, I recall a line I read somewhere sometime back – In India, everybody seems to be in a rush, but nobody is on time. Because of some weird and unknown panic, traffic sense appears to be the last thing present on Indian roads. According to a February article by The Pioneer, there is one death every four minutes in India. It’s horrifying to learn, but this is what the article says. Almost every day we get to hear numerous road accident cases in the newspapers. Roads aren’t safe at all. Even if you are driving sensibly, you are compelled to save yourself from other enthusiastic riders and drivers, and there are times when you aren’t lucky enough.


Well, this is one of the most uncertain factors. You never know when you fall victim to what type of crime. It could be financial, cyber, personal, general, and you are never fully prepared for all of them.
These were a few of the examples that are increasing the uncertainty in our life, at various steps, in various ways. Before you conclude this, no, I am not trying to scare you with these examples. God forbid, any of these happens to you. But at the same time, we cannot live in permanent denial and move our face from these possibilities.

We cannot totally eradicate the possibility of them taking place. However, we can be best prepared to avoid the worst, should they happen to us, and people have started understanding this. These uncertainties have worked as the potential negative motivation for them to avoid the unsolicited unforeseen, and make life insurance an integral part of their life. They are fully cognizant of the fact that bad times never come knocking at the door, and hence more of them embracing life insurance now, for themselves, for their loved ones.

Life insurance is plain and simple instrument to obtain peace of mind

It helps you plan your retirement, and takes care of your illness, whether it’s terminal. In addition, an insured life gets you rid of the question – what if I am not there? It relieves you from the worry of well-being of loved ones as you know that it will help them in meeting their critical needs and leading a comfortable life even when you are not around. No amount of money can ever be a replacement for a person. However, this friend, called LIFE INSURANCE surely can prove to be a safeguard against the uncertainties in life. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.