Some Countries Make Travel Insurance Mandatory for Visitors

You may be a frequent traveler who travels often in India and abroad. You may travel alone or with your family, either for pleasure or for business purposes. During the travel, you may suffer losses that can affect you emotionally and financially. Hence, Travel Insurance is an investment that will help you enjoy a hassle-free journey, especially during international travel.

Travel insurance gives you and your family the necessary peace of mind and finances in case of accidents, illness, or the loss of your money or belongings. Though in India, it is not mandatory to have a travel insurance cover, many countries have made it mandatory, and only then you get a VISA to travel to that country.

What is Travel Insurance

Travel insurance in many countries is also referred to as overseas medical insurance or international health insurance. With various kinds of illnesses, accidents, thefts, riots and terrorist acts prevalent these days, many countries have made it mandatory. Though not mandatory in India or the US, it is mandatory in Schengen countries, such as in Europe.

You must ideally get travel insurance whenever you travel abroad and in India for long journeys. You can also get online travel insurance from the comfort of your home. By going online, you can compare and get the best Policy from many available options.

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When to get Travel Insurance

There are many situations you may face during your travel when a travel insurance cover will come to your rescue, which is discussed here:

1. Loss of Passport or Baggage

Your baggage gets lost and you lose your passport, clothes, money, medicines, prescriptions, etc. along with it. You need the passport to continue your journey, cash for your immediate needs and so on. You can make up for the loss using an insurance cover.

2. Canceled Journey and Ticket

A natural calamity forces you to cancel your journey midway and return home. Also, what if the ticket rates are very high, you have purchased a non-refundable ticket and you will lose a large amount of money for canceling the journey. You may also miss a flight somewhere during the journey. An insurance cover in these situations will not leave you at a great loss.

3. Illness During a Flight

You are on a plane in mid-air when you fall ill, and you need emergency medical attention. They may have to divert the plane to another city or country. Most people in this situation will not be able to pay for the cost of diversion and treatment. Only an insurance cover will come to your rescue in such situations.

4. Medical Evacuation and Treatment

Medical treatment in many countries is very expensive, especially in the case of illnesses involving complex surgeries and medical procedures. You may also have to be evacuated to India or another country during an emergency. Covering your medical expenses will then be a challenge for you or for the health department of the country you are in. A travel insurance cover will be a must in such grave situations.

5. Natural and Man-Made Disasters

A riot, terrorist attack or a natural disaster such as a cyclone or an earthquake might force you to cancel your journey midway and return home. A visitor’s travel insurance will be of great help for you in recovering your losses.

Whether to buy a travel policy for every trip you make is a matter you must seriously think about. Visitor’s travel insurance is no longer a luxury but is now mandatory in most countries. You must take care to get mandatory travel insurance to cover your trip, luggage, possessions, and your health.

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