Tips to Avail Medical Reimbursement

To get cured of a terrible disease may be an easy thing but to spend the huge amount of bills of treatments and medicines might not be so easy to handle. One may feel compelled to ask for financial help in such a situation or may end up with losing all the savings accumulated for so many years. This is the point when the importance of Mediclaim is realized.

What is medical reimbursement?

Insurance claims raised for the purpose of medical needs can be called as medical Reimbursement which is compensated once the medical bills have been already paid.

However, there are various conditions when Health Insurance claims are rejected. Since many people are not aware of the know-how of filing health insurance claims, they do not understand why their health insurance claims are rejected.

If you want to know why your insurance Claim is rejected or landed up on the page just for the sake of gaining knowledge on availing the medical reimbursement, then keep on reading the article further for some easy tips.

What type of health policy do you possess?

There are various mediclaim policies available in the market and to get a medical reimbursement as per your need, make sure that you buy the right health insurance plan that suits your specific requirements.

Next thing you need to see is what your insurance cover is. What are the things that your health policy covers in case of hospitalization, you need to see whether the room rent and post-treatment visits to the doctor and treatment at home are also counted or not and what is the sum assured. These things count as you will be raising insurance claim accordingly.

Tips to avail medical reimbursement?

  • Keep the deadline in your mind when you need to file for reimbursement. Every health insurance company has its set of rules and time limits under which you should raise claims or file for reimbursements.
  • You need to see the fine print on your health policy documents since those are the things we often miss and see the consequences in the form of rejected insurance claims.
  • Next, look into the methodology of how you need to file for medical reimbursement. In general, every health Insurer follows the same pattern of providing medical reimbursement, still if you do not want to give any reason to your insurer to reject your insurance claim, go according to them.
  • When you are filing for medical reimbursement, get a proper claim form or download it from your health insurance company’s website. Fill all the details as per your insurance cover and attach the documents acquired and be sure that no required information is missing.
  • Be vigilant while collecting the documents, so that you do not miss anyone. Purchase medicines from one of the registered pharmacy shops and do acquire the bills.
  • Get hold of hospital receipts, prescriptions, FIR copy in case of an accident, discharge summary, investigation reports and receipts, referral letters and so on.
  • One of the important factors you need to consider while claiming for medical reimbursements is the amount you want to get reimbursed which should be within the specified limit and should not exceed the sum assured
  • Have the carbon copy of every document you are going to attach to the reimbursement form.

Tips above, if considered, will certainly help you to get your medical reimbursements on time without getting rejected.