Top Five Health Insurance Policies with Maternity Coverage

Maternity Health Insurance

When Mahesh and Mini found out they were expecting their first child, they were beyond elated. However, being practical people, they were also concerned about the finances as having a child is quite expensive. They weren’t sure how they would arrange the funds but they knew they wanted the best birthing experience for Mini and the baby. Thankfully, they found a maternity plan with a waiting period of just a few months and they opted for it. For the next pregnancy however they were more systematic and bought a maternity plan well in advance. As a result, things were smoother when baby number two arrived.

So if you too like thinking ahead, it would be a good idea to get a maternity insurance plan or a health plan that provides maternity coverage. Most of these plans have long waiting periods so you must get your cover well in advance.

5 best health insurance policies with maternity coverage

  1. Easy Health Exclusive plan from Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The Easy Health Exclusive plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan from Apollo Munich. This plan has provisions for maternity coverage. Under this plan, claims can be made for:

  • Maternity expenses, including caesarean sections.
  • Newborn medical expenses, for babies aged 0 – 90 days.
  • Pre and postnatal care expenses.

A maximum amount of ₹ 50,000 can be claimed for maternity expenses under this plan. There is a waiting period of four years for the maternity benefits under this plan.

  1. HDFC Life Health Assure Plan

Maternity coverage is available under the Gold Family Floater option of the Health Assure Plan from HDFC Life. HDFC Life is one of the most reputed health insurance providers in India. Under this plan, claims can be possible for:

  • Inpatient maternity expenses.
  • Legal medical termination of pregnancy.

But the expenses of the newborn baby will not be covered under this policy. Here, there is a waiting period of three years for the maternity benefits.

  1. ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance

The Complete Health Insurance Plan from ICICI Lombard also has provisions for maternity coverage. If you opt for this option you can claim:

  • Medical expenses incurred due to childbirth, including caesarean section operations.
  • Medical expenses of the newborn for the first 3 months.
  • Pre and post natal expenses.

But this coverage also has a waiting period of three years. A maximum claim of ₹ 25,000 for caesarean sections and ₹ 15,000 for normal deliveries can be possible under this policy.

  1. Joy from Religare Health Insurance

Joy from Religare Health Insurance is a dedicated health insurance plan packed with maternity benefits. There are two variants of this plan, Joy Today and Joy Tomorrow.

  • The plan provides coverage for expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth including hospitalization.
  • Expenses of newborn babies up to the age of 90 days.
  • A waiting period of 9 months for Joy Today and 24 months for Joy Tomorrow.

This is a very good plan as the waiting period is relatively lower. Also, it is one of the few policies to provide maternity cover for up to 45 years of age.

  1. Star Health Insurance Wedding Gift

This is a designated maternity insurance policy. There are many benefits to this plan. Some of them are:

  • Cover for 2 deliveries.
  • All hospital expenses covered, including childbirth through caesarean section.
  • Cover for all medical expenses of the newborn baby. Additional lump sum payment if the baby is diagnosed with cerebral palsy or Down’s syndrome after birth.
  • Pre and post natal expenses.

This plan has a waiting period of 2 years. And this is suitable for couples who want to start a family after a couple of years of their marriage.


Maternity expenses are quite high in India. As a result, it makes sense for you to buy a maternity insurance plan well in advance. With quite a few options available, you can look for and choose the plan that suits you the best.

So don’t think more, just compare health insurance & opt for the best health plan to secure your future.