What Is The Secret Of Financial Happiness In India?

The Secret Of Financial Happiness

Life has been going pretty good for 29 yrs old Vaibhav Sharma (name changed) till a few months back.

Not only he got promoted at his corporate job, he was also blessed with a child! Parents came to live with him after retirement and he was finally able to buy his favourite car, even if on EMIs. Just when he was planning a foreign tour, calamity struck!

He started having these seizures followed by terrible headaches and there was no solution in sight. Initially, it was thought that due to excessive work pressures and stress levels he was facing these health issues. For this, he even took a medical leave of almost 15 days, but when he resumed work, the situation didn’t change much. While his medical condition deteriorated, his wife came under pressure as well since she had to take care of the child, parents and home too.

Even though he was earning a good salary, he noticed that medical tests and doctor’s consultation fee just to diagnose what is the problem with him proved to be too costly. His bank balance was running on an outgoing mode at a rate much faster than the incoming mode! That’s when doctors advised him to get admitted in a hospital for a complete check-up and this was like the final straw!

He got admitted in one of the best hospitals and within 24 hours his medical bill had crossed his wildest expectations. Neither he nor his family was ready for such an emergency! An advance amount was to be paid to the hospital and they had no relatives in the city that could have helped him at such a short notice. Finding friends to borrow money from also became a challenge for his family who were already severely stressed with this sudden development. In short, life had pushed them into a corner and one of them had any plans in place to fight back!

Does this sound like a familiar story that has happened to you or someone very close to you?

Yes, it is pretty normal in our country simply because most of us plan for everything except for medical contingencies. Somehow, we feel that nothing will happen to us and we will sail through all kinds of emergencies, sadly, it is not true! Human health is very unpredictable no matter how much care you take and how many precautionary measures you follow.

It becomes all the more difficult in India because the health care system is not in place. Government controlled medical centres of good quality are few and far in between with a heavy burden on them. When it comes to private hospitals, they are way too expensive for the common man to access. It is no surprise that every year thousands of people go below the poverty line due to crazy medical costs that destroys the financial fabric of their life making them beg, borrow or steal, just to survive!

Vaibhav is not an exception, but a rule! That’s how most Indians live without much planning about their health even though they spend a fortune on other materialistic things that are way less important than life! One primary reason is that there isn’t much awareness about measures to be taken to safeguard your health and live a relaxed life!

The simple solution is, invest in a health insurance plan!

Yes, there are a lot of insurance plans that cover such unforeseen medical contingencies as well as accidents that can bring anybody to their knees and break not only their body and mind, but also their spirit! These plans provide healthy financial coverage so that in case of such emergencies, not only are your medical expenses taken care of, but your life can also go on smoothly the way it was going before you were sick, at least financially!

When we talk about financial happiness, the closest we can come to attaining such a state of mind is when we know that not only we, but our families are also financially secure, when we know that in times of need, we would be able to help our near and dear ones emotionally, physically and more importantly, financially!

The best way is to invest a part of your hard-earned money in a good mediclaim policy. Find out about the plan that meets your requirements, something that covers you as well as your family members against health issues. Even if you’re the healthiest of all, don’t take risks with your health! May be in the short term you might think it is a waste of money, but be wise and think long-term when it comes to your life and health!

[quote_center]Buy insurance and live a stressful life, free of financial handicaps! It is only one life after all and not only you, but your family also deserves to have you around in a good mental, physical as well as financial shape![/quote_center]

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