What To Do in a Hit and Run Case?

With a hit and run case, you need information about the offending vehicle, get as much information as you can from the site of the accident, report to the police and inform your insurance company.

Accidents happen – and they are beyond individual control. When the situation dawns upon you where you get embroiled in an accident, here’s what you can do in a hit and run case.

Car Insurance:

The first thing that should be of concern is the currency of your car insurance. Your car insurance policy is what would come to your rescue if you were to get involved in an accident.

So, even before you may get involved in an accident, ensure that your vehicle insurance also includes third-party insurance that could compensate for any damage or losses incurred on the third party.

Determine the quantum of damage:

As long as you are covered with vehicle insurance, you would not have to worry about your insurance policy claims. But then, there are ‘deductibles’ that you need to pay out of your own pocket in the case of an Accident – it is only the rest of the money that your vehicle insurance would take care of.

So, check out what the estimated damage could be and check out what your insurance policy states with regard to deductibles.

Get the right information:

Even with car insurance, you would need the basic information about the accident. Your car insurance policy would take care of the casualties involved if you were at fault and you have got third party insurance.

But in a hit and run case, do not miss out on gathering vital information, such as the registration numbers of the vehicles, the vehicle models, contact details and other information about the people involved in the accident to benefit from your vehicle insurance policy.

The catch:

The challenge, however, is to have the information in the first place, for you to make the insurance policy claims. When you have car insurance and when you do not have information about the person or the vehicle that hit you in your absence, try to get as much information as you can so that the driver and the vehicle involved in the hit and run could be traced.

Ask around and check with people who may have been in the place to see if they had witnessed an accident. If it was a parking area, see if there could have been closed-circuit recordings in place and try to find out what happened.

Register with the police:

If you are looking at insurance policy claims, make sure that you report the accident to the police. Gather all the information you have at hand about the people or the vehicle involved, as well as the names and contact details of the witnesses so that you could make the best use of your vehicle insurance when you need it the most.

Inform the insurance company:

If you have got collision coverage in your car insurance policy, you would stand to get your hit and run accident covered. If you have not got it, you may not have any coverage at all. With collision coverage, the insurance company would pay the money and go after the one who caused the accident, with the help of the police if you did not know who it was who hit you. And it would be between your insurance carrier and the one of the offender if they had purchased third party insurance.

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