What Would Your Health Insurance Plan Not Cover?

Health Insurance Plan

Health insurance plans are a must these days due to rising cost of treatments. There are a number of players in the insurance segment and each one of them competes with one another to provide their customers with the best possible deals. They cover hospitalisation expenses along with providing coverage for various surgeries as well as treatments for all possible diseases. The premiums do vary, but the coverage is provided for simple as well as complicated critical illnesses as well.

However, there are a few things that are not covered by your health insurance plan. Let’s see what are these thing and the reasons for their exclusion:

1) Cosmetic Treatment

Even though all kinds of cosmetic treatments require surgeries and extended stays in hospitals, they are not considered life-saving or essential for a living. They are considered to be more of a luxury than a necessity. Hence, the insurance companies exclude them from their health plans and no kind of coverage is provided on such treatments. In short, a surgery required to enhance the physical or exterior appearance of a person for cosmetic or beauty purposes is excluded from the health insurance plans. These include surgeries like breast job, nose job, etc.

2) Fertility Treatment

The treatment required to undergo in vitro fertilization or any other fertility method is excluded for the main reason that these are done over long periods of time requiring the patient to undergo several repeat cycles of treatment and yet have no guarantee of success. The cost of treatment, hospitalisation expenses and repeat cycles leads to huge costs to be incurred by insurance companies that act as a deterrent for them to make it part of their insurance coverage plan.

3) Long Term Care

There are certain patients that may require long term care in a nursing home or there might be certain patients that can’t be looked after by their families for various reasons. These may include psychiatric patients or those who have become physically handicapped after an accident or old age patients, who don’t have a supportive family setup. Such patients may need to be admitted in a caring home for long periods of time and this may result in huge monetary expenses. The insurance companies don’t want to get involved in such costly propositions that can have an adverse impact on their bottom lines providing no substantial returns.

4) Weight-loss Program

This is again one category that is not covered by the insurance providers. Of course the complications arising out of obesity like diabetes, cardiac problems etc. will be covered under the health insurance plans, but surgeries like liposuction or any other weight-loss surgeries will not be covered. There is no specific reason mentioned, but the common sense says that one can manage their weight by following a healthy lifestyle and that is within one’s capacity too. Not living a health life, gaining excessive weight and then going for a surgery leading to insurance companies incurring the cost is not a sensible idea!

5) Wrong Information

If at all you have given wrong information on your form while signing up for the product or tried to mislead the insurance company at any time during or after getting the treatment, the company has every right to reject each and every claim filed by you and even go to an extent of claiming damages from you! That is why it makes sense to be as truthful as possible while updating your information, sharing past diseases etc. with your insurance provider so that claims can be handled effectively and in your favour.

Health insurance plans are made and sold to you to help you during times of emergencies when you don’t have sufficient funds to fight a battle with life-threatening diseases or when you’re combating for your life after an unfortunate accident. The purpose of these plans is to help save lives, assist to provide the best possible treatment to manage a disease, help the family members to cope up with the financial liabilities and get the patient stand back on his or her feet with dignity and without coming under the pressure of earning a livelihood as well as getting required treatment.

All the health insurance plans are made by keeping in mind the above-mentioned objectives. Hence the exclusions are very well justified! However, it still doesn’t discourage you from getting a plan for you and your family as these plans still go a long way in ensuring that you live a happy, healthy and stress-free life without worrying over financial liabilities.

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