Who is Killing Indians every day?

Who Is Killing Indians every day?

Terrorists? No!

Corruption? No!

Price Rise? No!

Then who is killing us every day? The answer is we are killing ourselves!

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Well yes, our lifestyle, our eating habits, our carelessness is making us die every day. Sometimes, death is a direct result of our actions, sometimes it’s an indirect result! Just a century back most of the human population use to die of hunger, of some random disease like plague or in the event of a war there use to be massive casualties. But now with food stability, better medical care and relative peace all around us, deaths have taken a new shape. The so-called lifestyle diseases have taken over as the major cause of death in India.

Let us share with you the top 10 diseases having a deadly impact on Indian citizens:

1)  Coronary Heart Disease:

heart problemsAlmost 1.5million deaths are caused due to heart attacks and heart failure, which is a direct result of stress, bad dietary habits and lethargic lifestyle.

2)  Diarrhoeal Diseases:

Poor hygiene takes the lives of almost 1.2million people across cities and villages.

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3)  Lung Diseases:

Polluted air due to vehicular as well industrial waste is causing almost 1.1million people to lose their lives.

4)  Stroke:

Again, it’s a result of stress and takes as many as almost a million lives every year.

5)  Influenza and Pneumonia:

These diseases are responsible for more than 7.5Lac people losing their lives every year.

6)  Tuberculosis:

Despite massive government programs to educate people about the disease, more than 3lac people succumb to it.

7)  Low Birth weight:

Poor awareness among pregnant women and their families along with improper medical facilities lead to more than 2.5Lac babies dying within a short span of their birth.

8)  Suicide:

Unrealistic expectations and increasingly crumbling social structure pushes almost 2.5Lac people to take their own lives.

9)  Liver Disease:

Unawareness about liver donation adds on to various factors affecting people suffering from liver disorders resulting in around 2.3Lac lost lives.

10)  Road Traffic Accidents:

2.2Lac people lose precious lives due to irresponsible and reckless driving habits.road side accident

When life is cut short unexpectedly, life of near and dear ones is changed forever. In such a scenario, what really comes to help is a life insurance policy. Yes, it is not just a tax-saving instrument, but a ray of hope for those left behind after the bread-winner of the family loses the race of life!

We bring to you some of the most compelling reasons why having a life insurance policy is of utmost importance:

  • Love For The Family

When you’re the main earning member of the family, you have to think about your family and their well being in case of your unexpected death! It can help them to survive and meet expenses while they look out for another source of income.

  • Paying Off Debt

If you have taken multiple loans, money from the death benefits can be used to pay off those debts which otherwise would be difficult to be paid by your ageing parents or young children or an un-employed spouse! Any savings from insurance money after paying off debts can be used as fixed deposits for some regular income.

  • Get more loans

Insurance policies can be used as collateral for getting loans when you’re still alive thus helping you to finance your child’s education or take care of a medical emergency in the family.

  • Inheritance for Children

If you haven’t been able to make any fixed assets like an office or a home, an insurance policy can really be a gift for your kids in case of your untimely death. If nothing, they can be assured of a substantial amount of money to take care of them at the time of their need.

  • Tax Benefits

Of course, any investment in insurance policies gets you tax benefits leading to more money in your pocket, which either you can use productively by investing in some other financial instrument or use it for day to day living expenses. Either way, it is kind of an additional income for you generated from your income only!

  • Peace

This is most important! Obviously, human life can’t be compared with money, but then to know that your near and dear one’s future is secured with your little bit of sensible investment planning helps you to sleep at peace in the night.

life insurance compare in easypolicyLife is unpredictable. Live for today is the adage which everyone advises us to follow. However, planning for tomorrow doesn’t hurt ever!

It is always better to hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst!

After all, it is only one life!