Why Insurance Should Be Your First Focus?

As soon as we start earning our priorities become buying a house, a car, latest gadgets and everything possible that defines luxury and helps us to live a better life. However, what most of us forget is that we can enjoy all these luxuries with our loved ones only if we have a life that is if we are alive! If not, those luxuries won’t remain with us or with our family members either. Therefore, it is important to safeguard our present and future with an insurance policy that will take care of a lot of things in our presence and absence as well.

Let’s share with you top 5 reasons why insurance should be your first priority as soon as you start earning and plan to invest:

1) Safeguard Future

Life is very unpredictable. One moment everything is hunky dory and the next moment tragedy strikes! No one is prepared for the future, ever! However, having an insurance policy can ensure that in case of an emergency, an un-foreseen event, you and your family will be financially independent and ready to face the challenges. Even though it might seem like an expense when you have to pay the premiums, but when the same investment comes handy in times of real need, you thank your wisdom for taking such crucial decisions!

2) Medical Expenses

The complication of earning a living has made the quality of life very unpredictable. More and more people are suffering from diseases that used to affect only a few people in the earlier days. The result is heavy cost of treatment thanks to improved technology to enhance one’s life. For such expenses, one cannot always rely on just the salary part. A health insurance policy is a must to tide over medical emergencies in life while getting treated and trying to stand back on your feet. It is also absolutely a must when it comes to your family members so that you’re not burdened by making a living as well as managing the healthcare costs!

3) For The Family

In the unfortunate event of your untimely death, if you’re the main bread winner, your family will suddenly find itself struggling to survive and make ends meet. Hence, an insurance cover comes handy to take care of basic expenses till the time someone from your family doesn’t get ready to take your place. Based on the amount of policy taken, it can also help your kids to study further or get married as well. The amount received from an insurance policy can be used to pay off any debts as well so that your family members don’t have to worry about facing debtors after you’re gone!

4) Return On Investments

Insurance is also an investment. One can derive the benefits sooner in case of an untimely death or health emergency. Otherwise, on the maturity of the policy, not only you can get your premium amount paid back, you also tend to earn health interest on it. What better than investing in something that helps you during your lifetime as well as after it too? The best part is with so many insurance players in the market and cut-throat competition, you can select the best deal for your benefit after doing some thorough research! In short, it is a buyer’s market and you’re the king!

5) Tax Benefits

This is an obvious benefit for which most of the people in our country invest in an insurance product. The government of India offers tax-rebate on every insurance policy’s premium so that more and more people invest in them. However, due to less awareness, there are still a lot of people who have not bought any insurance policy or not enough for the entire family.

[quote_center]If you’re planning investments, the first thing that should come to your mind is an insurance policy. If you have a regular agent, it is ok or else you can go online and search for a policy that meets your requirements. There are various websites that offer a comprehensive comparison among various policies and insurance providers. After doing a diligent research, you can check out the premiums and shortlist the insurance plan that suits your required criteria. It is easier to buy a policy even online or you can contact the concerned company and buy a policy in real world too![/quote_center]

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