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covers your car against risks like theft, accident, explosion etc.

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Advantages of Buying Car Insurance Online

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Types of Car insurance

Liability only policy

This Policy covers ‘Third Party Liability’ for damage of property, bodily injury and/or death, and legal issues related to the same. Here, you, the insured, are the first party, the Insurer the second, and the person you injure who Claim damages against you is the third party. The policy also covers owner-driver.

Comprehensive Package Policy

This policy covers all the risks covered in the Motor Vehicles Act including third party liability, damage to own car, and has various features as a package.

Add-On Covers

Certain additional risks may not be covered in a policy. You can then opt to buy car insurance with add-on covers against payment of additional premium. Here are few add-on covers offered by different Indian insurance companies:

  • Depreciation on plastic or metal parts
  • Windshield glass
  • NCB protection
  • Personal belongings
  • Daily allowance
  • Loss of keys
  • Road assistance

Why Buy Online Car Insurance?

It is busy lives that we live today. We hardly have enough time for out-of-routine activities. Buying cheap car insurance may be a difficult affair if you visit the agent or office of the motor insurance company. Moreover, you may be limited by choice. You may only end up wasting time and buying the wrong policy. If you buy online car insurance at an insurance aggregator and facilitator’s website like, you can get quotes and compare many plans in a few minutes and take the right buying decision.

How to Buy Online Car Insurance

Your search for the best and cheap car insurance ends at a reliable insurance aggregator and facilitator’s website, one that has a database of all vehicle / car insurance plans available in the Indian market, one that runs user-friendly tools to help you get quotes and compare policies fast, and one that runs a safe payment gateway.

All you need to do here is select details like make, model, whether new vehicle insurance policy or renewal, current insurer in case of renewal, policy expiry date, claims made or not, registration number, and year of registration and instantly get quotes. Here, you can compare policies, get the best rates, enjoy discounts, and buy online insurance according to your exact preferences using your credit card or through net banking. It is no surprise if you find the site facilitating you to use a cheque to buy car insurance.

Advantages of Buying Online Car Insurance

Saves Time

Buying your chosen policy is as fast as you can think of! It all depends on the time you take in researching and getting quotes.

Multiple Companies, One Platform:

You can get quotes from several Indian insurance companies at once just by filling in the requested information. At a single platform, you can compare policies and buy the best.

Free Quotes:

You get quotes for free no matter how many number of times you request for the same.

Comfort of Your Space:

Without leaving the comfort of your space, you can buy the chosen policy right from where you are.

Customized Coverage

Depending on the type of insurance you want, you can buy it, getting it customized with add-on covers right from your chosen site.

Great Coverage:

Getting the best coverage, according to your exact preferences is ascertained online.

Best Rates:

You get the best rates after getting quotes and comparing all the available plans.

No pressure:

There is no pressure from anyone for buying a policy; no persuasions from the salesperson or agent for a particular policy. You are the sole decider.

Purchase Anywhere Anytime:

There are no time bounding attached when buying a policy online. You can buy online car insurance anywhere anytime.