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covers your car against risks like theft, accident, explosion etc.

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Buying Car Insurance Online

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What is car insurance

Car insurance or Motor insurance provides financial and monetary cover for your car against losses which may occur due to unforeseen activities. Losses from theft, accidents and technical damages are a few of the activities which are covered.

Insurance does not come free of cost, it is like an investment tool. In order to avail the benefits of insurance one has to pay a price which is known as a premium. The Premium of the car depends upon parameters such as age of the car, make of the car, luxury factor, the price of the vehicle, its depreciation, mileage etc.

In case of any uncertainty like an Accident or damage, there are two types of claims which can be made available

Cashless claims

In this kind of claim, nothing needs to be paid from the pocket, the expenses are taken care of by the insurance company.


In case of reimbursement, the expenses are taken care of by the owner of the vehicle , but upon submission of various forms and requisites the expenses are reimbursed by the insurance company.

If there is a choice between both kinds of claims then most of the times people prefer to go for cashless claims as all the headache is borne by the insurance company. In case of cashless claims, the repair work takes place in the garage. Most of the insurance company has a garage network or a tie up with various garages. Once all the repair work is undertaken the expenses which fall under the limit of the insurance Policy is taken care of by the insurance company and the owner has to pay only the excess of it.

Just like there are 2 sides of a coin similarly cashless Claim also has both advantages as well as disadvantages


  • It’s a stress free kind of procedure where the insurance company takes the responsibility of repairing the damages of the vehicle
  • If you are not well versed with the internals of the car then , it's even better , as the surveyor who is an expert would scrutinize the car and give a rough estimate
  • You will get the best of services as the garage network employs the best of services


  • You may have to go to a lot of paperwork and formalities before the actual repair work start.
  • Because of too many formalities the repair work may take a lot of time, so meanwhile you would have to arrange for a substitute vehicle.
  • Since the insurance company would seek the best available service hence the expenses may exceed the Insured limit and those may have to be paid from your own pocket.

Now a day there is cut throat competition between insurance providers and insurance providers are doing every bit to stand out. Keeping in mind the busy schedule of people, the online car insurance is getting very popular.

Following are the benefits in availing online car insurance.

In depth knowledge

In case of an online insurance you can first read through all the documentation and the procedure which is generally available on the website .Once you have a clear understanding, with that you can choose the kind of policy which suits you best.

Save Money

The online insurance policy has everything which is required to choose the best of the plan. Quotes are available online and a person does not have to spend any extra money in meeting an insurance advisor and can choose the cheapest possible plan which suits their requirement.

Save Time

With the help of an online insurance policy one does not have to visit the office again and again, in fact he can download the form directly from the website and mail it to the advisor. The advisor can explain all the formalities on the phone and the premium can be directly paid by online bank transfer.