Car Insurance

covers your car against risks like theft, accident, explosion etc.

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Car Insurance Claim

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Car insurance is as essential as a driver's license. The only choice we have is the type of Policy for our car. While there are many comprehensive policies that provide all possible covers for your car, the decision of choosing one is really a tough task. But once you have made the right decision you will be glad that you have picked the right policy every time you are in a crisis. The services and benefits that insurance companies impart through their motor insurance policies are commendable. It would seem that they love your car as much as you do.


  • Driving habit
  • Make, type and showroom price of your vehicle
  • Purpose of the vehicle [whether private or business]
  • The probability of making a Claim and driving risks involved


You must have Knowledge about the Exclusions when you buy car insurance. Remembering the exclusions is critical before filing a claim.

Tires damaged without any accident.
Technical failure due to faulty or ignorant maintenance.
Corrosion, Wear and tear of parts.
Damage to the vehicle caused intentionally by owner or anyone related to owner.
Accident registered beyond the territorial limits mentioned in the policy.
Accident caused by unlicensed driver or due to failure to comply with the traffic rules.
Use of vehicle for purposes other than mentioned in the certificate of motor insurance.
Damage by radiation or radioactivity from nuclear waste.
Damage of vehicle as a consequence of war or revolutionary activities or civil commotion.


Know the voluntary excess you have to pay in case of a claim. If the damage costs are less than the voluntary excess filing a claim is useless as it will cost you more and will eventually reduce the Insured capital.

If the repair charges are affordable then instead of making a claim, spending it from your pocket will entitle you to the no-claim Bonus for having a claim-free year. This bonus could be of great help in the future.



In case of Accident involving other vehicles, note down the number and car make/model.
Gather their details of witnesses if there are any.
File an FIR at the nearest police station.
Get the claim number by contacting your insurance company to make a claim.
Submit the required documents to the insurance company to finish the claim procedure from your side.
Once claim is approved identify the nearest garage where cashless repair facility is available or get your car repaired in another registered garage of your choice and claim Reimbursement later.


Insurance Claim form
Copy of RC book of the vehicle
Copy of driving license
Original/Copy of police FIR filed
Copy of the policy procedure
Estimate and actual repair receipts
'No trace' report from police [in case of theft]
Duly signed RTO papers with supporting documents [in case of theft]


Choose the most suitable plan for your car. The more compatible the policy is, the more efficient is your investment.
-Insurance companies define clauses that distinguish your car in technical aspects. Consult an expert to make sure you buy the appropriate plan.
-Ensure that your claim is positive and has better probability of getting approved.
-Ensure that you do not file claims for damages that are affordable so that you won't lose out on no-claim bonuses.