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covers your car against risks like theft, accident, explosion etc.

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Factors Affecting Car Insurance Premium

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You must be very happy to buy your dream car. Now, you need to think about how to protect yourself and the car against any unforeseen calamities, such as accidents, terrorist attacks, theft etc. An insurance cover for your car is what you need to ensure this.

Also, vehicle insurance is compulsory for all vehicles in India. As a result, it is a must to have insurance cover for your car. You must therefore take care to buy car insurance at the right time and one that meets your requirements. With so many car insurance companies in the market offering various options, with varying costs and benefits, it is a really tricky job.

What Does Car Insurance Provide?

Car insurance in India provides insurance cover for the owner of the vehicle, for other passengers, the car itself and its parts. In addition, third-party liabilities, including people and vehicles are also covered under this kind of insurance. The Insured amount is always the market value of the automobile at that particular point of time. You must compare and zero-in on a car insurance quote on the basis of premiums and for one that provides other add-on Coverage options, riders, benefits etc.

Factors Affecting Car Insurance

Car insurance Premium depends on various factors such as the coverage you want, your age, gender and so on. Also, there are other factors that determine how high is the Risk of your meeting with an accident, of your car getting stolen and so on. Some of the common factors on which the premium depends are explained below:

Coverage Amount

The coverage amount you ask for is the biggest factor in determining how much premium you pay.

Vehicle Type

Car insurance premiums will be higher for larger and costlier cars such as SUVs compared to smaller and cheaper cars.


Statistically, youngsters below the age of 25 are more likely to meet with more accidents compared to those above 25. Therefore, age is a major factor in determining the premium.


A person staying in a small town, where there is less traffic, is less likely to meet with an Accident compared to a person staying in a big city with lots of traffic. The insurance premium will therefore be higher for a person staying in a city compared to a person staying in a town.

Driving Experience

The more the number of years of driving experience, the lesser will be your insurance premium as the likelihood of meeting with accidents decreases with experience.

Driving Violations

A history of accidents and driving violations will naturally be a factor in increasing your insurance premium.

Theft Protection Devicess

Installation of these devices in your car will be important in bringing down your insurance premium.

You must do everything possible within your means to get the best car insurance Policy with minimum premium. Besides the premium amount, you need to buy car insurance policy if it provides you other benefits such as add-on coverage options, riders, benefits etc. You need to get insurance quotes from various companies and compare them to get the best policy. The easiest way to do this is from the comfort of your home by going online. One stop such as can take care of this for you from where you can also buy the policy