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covers your car against risks like theft, accident, explosion etc.

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Getting a Car Insured

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Are you confident on road driving your car? If your answer is in the positive, you indeed have a comprehensive car insurance policy, which will act as a boon in times of emergencies. Unpleasant happenings are not pre-determined. They can happen anytime. It is all about getting prepared to bear damages to your beloved car.

All the car insurance plans provide protection against losses incurred as a result of unavoidable instances. Having third-party liability cover for your vehicle is mandatory in India under provisions of the India Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Types of Motor Insurance

Liability only policy:

This Policy covers three types of risks, viz. liability only with fire, with theft, and with fire and theft.

Comprehensive plan:

It covers damage to own car along with third party liability including personal accidental benefit for owner and unnamed passengers. You enjoy safety cover against damage or loss to car against natural disasters, theft, riot, strike, terrorist activity, fire, explosion, self ignition, or lightning, accidents, malicious act, and loss while in transit by road, rail, inland, waterway, lift, elevator or air.

Add-on covers:

These are additional risks which include cover for depreciation, NCB protection, personal belongings, daily allowance, loss of keys, and road assistance.

Where to Buy Vehicle Insurance?

Buying the best plan will let you enjoy maximum benefits. The Premium you pay should also be the most competitive. This is where buying online car insurance comes into play. Visit an insurance aggregator’s website that has a database of all available Indian car insurance plans. It should run user friendly tools to let you get quotes and compare all car insurance plans in no time. It should run a safe payment gateway. All you need to do is select from the dropdowns to fill the spaces, enter details, and then click on the ‘get quotes’ button. This lets you view instantly what each company has on offer including display of the premium amount.

Buying online car insurance here will let you save enough time. Your search will not be limited by a single or few car insurance plans. Once you choose the best, you can buy it right away using your credit card or internet banking or by cheque.

Know the Basics before You Buy Vehicle Insurance

Just knowing about the benefits and buying a chosen online car insurance policy is not enough. Take into consideration the terms and conditions and all other basics. This will let you react and seek help without hassles in times of emergencies. Here are few basics that you should know:

You should have access to a 24X7 toll free helpline that lets you know about policy details, lodge complaints, and get Claim assistance.

You should be entitled to report a claim to the insurance company anytime and from anywhere so that the nearest service location is identified in case of emergencies.

Your motor insurance should come with warranty for a specific period on repairs done after the accident.

Know whether you are entitled to avail cashless transaction facility at network garages (that have tie ups with insurance companies). Know whether you will get Reimbursement of the expenditures if you do not take your damaged vehicle to a networked garage.

Go for speedier claims settlement, preferably seven days. Keep all documentation ready for submission to get the claim.

Evaluation of Your Car for Premium

The premium you pay depend on several factors, viz. place of registration (Zone), vehicle make & model, Insured declared value (IDV), and the additional covers taken.