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How to Identify the Best Car Insurance

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Finding the right automobile insurance involves something more than visiting sites that help compare car insurance quotes. Many persons visit these sites and expect the best Policy to jump up on the screen. Proper preparation and analysis is essential to find the best car insurance policy.

Understand Your Car Insurance Requirements

Analyzing these factors will help understand your needs which will then help you finalize the best car insurance plan.


There is no point buying comprehensive cover for your ten year old car. It makes sense to go in for 3rd party cover if you will prefer scrapping the car instead of repairing it after a major accident. On the other hand, 3rd party cover for a brand new expensive car does not make sense.


Chances of filing a Claim on your car insurance policy will be high if you drive a lot in a year. Driving intermittently will reduce Risk of accidents and you should choose your car insurance policy accordingly.


Teenagers tend to be casual when driving the car. Middle aged women tend to be the safest. Statistics support this inference. Consider the number of persons who shall be using the car before finalizing your vehicle insurance policy.

Using Online Car Insurance Resources Smartly

The internet is a great place to find the best car insurance policy for your automobile. Visit the websites of different car insurers. Learn more about the various options available. Visit third party vehicle insurance websites for guides, articles and news reports. Verify every detail before relying on it.

Use the following resources available online

Websites that help you compare car insurance quotes

Websites that provide analysis and comparative statements of various vehicle insurance policies

Websites that accept your questions and offer expert vehicle insurance advice

Forums where you can interact with fellow car insurance purchasers.

Analyze Car Insurance Policy Options Carefully

Focus on each and every aspect of the plan before concluding that it is the best car insurance plan for your requirements. The policy must offer Coverage for vehicle damage due to accidents, personal Accident cover to meet your medical expenses, third party liability cover to pay compensation to the other party involved in the accident, and add on cover for electronic accessories, CNG kits and so on. You should be in a position to customize each and every aspect of the policy. Study the impact of increase or decrease of coverage on the Premium before taking a final decision.

Discounts On The Car Insurance Policy

You are entitled to a No claims Bonus for every year where you do not file a claim on your car insurance policy. Make sure you enjoy the discount that you are entitled to. You can reduce premium by going in for anti theft devices. Parking your car in a private and secured garage and living in a low theft area will also help enjoy discounts. Membership with Auto Associations, defensive driving courses and absence of legal infractions on your driving record will help you bargain from a position of strength.


rompt Processing Of Claims

Choosing an expensive car insurance policy is not a bad option as long as you can file claims in a painless and hassle free manner. Paying more to enjoy cashless claims settlement in thousands of garages and workshops is a perfectly acceptable transaction. Paying less and skipping cashless claims does not make sense. If you compare car insurance options online, you can find service providers offering cashless claims at no extra cost.

Value Added Services

Can you purchase the car insurance policy online? All reputed insurers offer this option to help you compare car insurance plans without stepping out of your home. They also offer a digitally signed online car insurance policy that can be downloaded immediately.

You should be in a position to file claims on a 24x7 basis. Many insurance companies offer emergency towing services and alternate vehicles for female customers at no extra cost. You would do well to consider these factors as well when taking a final decision.