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Registering Vehicle Insurance Claim

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Registering a vehicle after damage is a must to get the vehicle insurance claim, however big or small the damage may be. This bitter truth has been the cause for many losing their insurance Claim even though they had a valid vehicle insurance policy. In fact, you must notify about the damage to the insurance provider just after the incident which caused the damage. Making a call to the call center or customer service cell would give you a head start in retrieving the vehicle insurance claim.

Your motor insurance company would like to know the type of damage and how it had been caused before proceeding with the claim process. While registering the vehicle insurance claim, such information is received by the insurance provider that allows it to process the claim.

When to Register Motor Insurance Claims

Major car insurance plans require claims to be registered when there is damage to the car, car owner, or any other person (third party) involved with the car. For instance, you need to register in case:

  • Car or vehicle is damaged in an accident. This includes damage to the exterior car casing or damage of body parts.
  • Bodily injury or death occurs to the third party.
  • Bodily injury or death occurs to the Policyholder or passengers in the vehicle
  • Bodily injury or death occurs to the driver of the vehicle, cleaner, or mechanic.

Steps to Register Vehicle Insurance Claims

In case of accidents, it is essential to register vehicle insurance claims so that the Insurer would estimate the damage and decide how much to provide as compensation. For different kinds of damage, different steps are required to be followed. However, some basic steps are common for all.

If the car owner has met with an Accident while traveling in a car, he or she must pursue the following steps to register the claim of his car as per car insurance plans available in India:

  • Name the driver and provide his or her driving license during the accident.
  • Note the time and location of the place of the accident..
  • Take a note of the other vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Take contact numbers and names of eye witnesses present during the accident.
  • Contact the customer care cell of the insurance provider.
  • Provide details of the accident along with insurance plan credentials. This includes vehicle type and model, vehicle registration number, motor insurance policy, and so on.
  • File-up the claim number or reference number or receipt allotted by the customer care.
  • Acquire necessary documents and forms from the customer care to avail the claim.
  • Acquire details of the garage or other facilities which is recognized by the insurance provider and acceptable to you.
  • File an FIR at the police station on the accident or damage done to your vehicle. In case of car theft or pilferage of vehicle parts, an FIR needs to be filed in.

For vehicle theft claim registration process, the no-trace report from the police is required along with the warranty card of the car, service booklet, and other credentials of the car. The FIR on theft must also be furnished.

Points to Note

Many car owners buy vehicle insurance as a protection cover for potential damages done to the car while traveling. However, the claim cannot be done unless one registers the claim through appropriate channels. In case of cashless repair, it is necessary to take the car to the authorized service center for cashless service recognized by the insurer. Don’t forget to keep all the receipts properly filed up in case they are needed as a proof of evidence.

Once, the registration of the vehicle insurance claim is done, the next step now lies with the insurer who would send an authorized person to check the damage and estimate the compensation amount.