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covers your car against risks like theft, accident, explosion etc.

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Steps to Ensure That Your Car Insurance Claim is Not Rejected

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Getting car insurance these days is very easy. The hassle starts only when you have to file the insurance Claim from the insurer. So read the fine prints of your insurance Policy carefully to ensure that you mitigate the Risk of your car insurance claim to be rejected.

Why do claims get rejected and how to ensure that you do not fall in that category?

There are many reasons why the claim can be rejected:

The most common reason why a claim can be rejected is if it gets expired or lapsed. You will have to be prompt in your renewal process of the car insurance policy prior to its expiration and make all your payments on time. If you are one of those who is relaxed and do not renew your insurance on time, then you can end up in a situation where you might get into an Accident to later realize that the insurance has expired. Set reminders for yourself when the insurance is going to expire and act in advance.

Another reason why the insurance company can reject the claim would be when they think that the person claiming is defrauding them. Especially when the client is claiming for theft of the car, they suspect of defraud. If your car is stolen then be prompt in reporting the incident to the police, file an FIR and then go to your insurance company for the claim. Know the details of your insurance policy and follow the procedure.

In case the accident claim is being done after a long time of the accident, then there is a possibility of claim rejection. As soon as the accident happens it is best to inform the insurance company and have the surveyor look at the car. If you plan to not take the claim, even then it is better to have the insurance company know about the accident

Ensure that your driver’s license is not expired. Sometimes, the claim can get rejected for that reason as well.

Documents required for claim to be approved

You will need the following documents for an insurance claim to be approved and save you from the hassle of claim rejection:

  • Driving License copy
  • FIR if applicable
  • Original Estimate from the garage
  • Claim form of the insurance company duly signed
  • RC copy of the car
  • Original repair invoice and the payment receipt made by the customer
  • Any other document that the insurance company may require.

If you have these entire required documents and have followed the steps correctly and promptly, then there is no reason why you have to face claim rejection. While filling up the claim form you should also ensure that the actual reason for the claim and the accident description is given appropriately. Based on the description given the surveyor will correlate the sequence of incident with the nature of damage and will find out what would have happened. So it is better to be honest and write what exactly happened. You may have to follow up with the garage and the surveyor to get the adequate Coverage from the insurance company and also to get the process completed fast so that you can get the car and the Reimbursement sooner but it is worth the followup.