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covers your car against risks like theft, accident, explosion etc.

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Steps to File Your Car Insurance Claim

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Filing a car insurance Claim is generally hassle-free and there are no lengthy procedures that will tire you. But to avoid the confusion and stress at the time of filing a claim, it is important that you know the rules upfront.

The procedure related to filing a car insurance claim would vary depending on the purpose for which you are looking to file a claim. You can file for a claim in case of the following:

1. Physical damage to the car
2. Personal injury or death of the driver or passenger
3. Theft of vehicle
4. Theft of accessories, stereo-recorders or other vehicle parts
5. Third party property/vehicle damage
6. Any loss or damage to the vehicle by miscreants, rioters, terrorists, arsonists etc

Filing a claim in case of physical damage to your car

If you are looking for a cashless claim or Reimbursement of expenses related to damages to the car during an accident, the process is much simpler. If it is an authorized garage of the Insurer who is going to repair your car for damages, the procedure is even simpler. In case of an authorized garage, you will be allowed a cashless claim, while if you have got your vehicle repaired from a place that is not authorized, you will have to pay out of pocket for the repair cost first and then submit the bills and cash memos to the insurance company for reimbursement. The insurance company will check the bills and repay the Insured the amount spent on repairing the Accident damages as per the terms and conditions of your motor car insurance policy.

For any claim, the first thing that you would need to do is to fill a claim form. The claim form generally includes information on the insured and describes the details on how the accident happened. Along with the duly signed claim form, you will be required to submit a copy of the RC of your car, driving license of the driver who was driving the car at the time of accident, and copy of the Policy document. The authorized garage will prepare an estimate for repair, while the insurance surveyor will decide on whether and how much of the claim will be allowed. Depending on the terms of your insurance policy, he will allow for a claim to the extent permissible.

Along with the above documents, you may as well need an FIR if you are seeking a claim for:

1) Third party injury due to the accident and for which you may be liable
2) Any personal injury of the driver/passenger
3) Any third party property damage
4) Theft of the car or any parts/accessories of the car
5) Any loss or damage to the car by miscreants, rioters, terrorists etc.

In case of complete loss/damage of car due to accident or theft

If due to an accident, the car is completely destroyed or if somebody steals the car, the owner will need to provide the following documents as well:

1) RTO (Regional Transport Office) transfer papers
2) Original RC of the car
3) Original insurance policy
4) Car's original keys
5) In case the car is on loan, a No Objection Certificate from the financer for transfer of the vehicle
6) Letter of Indemnity and a letter of subrogation (each on a judicial stamp paper of Rs.100)

The scope of your insurance cover depends on the type of car insurance policy you are choosing. If you are planning to buy a policy or to renew an existing policy, it is advisable to compare car insurance online to check policy terms and Premium rates offered by different companies and choose the most apt one.