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covers your car against risks like theft, accident, explosion etc.

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What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

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Comprehensive car insurance has many benefits and might be a good idea if you own a new or expensive car or are prone to Risk factors associated with the specific benefits of car insurance

We all know that car insurance is mandatory in India and most of us would also be avail of the different scopes available in car insurance. But what is comprehensive car insurance and what are its benefits? What difference would comprehensive car insurance bring to you and why should you choose it for your car insurance policy?

One of the key aspects about going for comprehensive car insurance is that you could relax and rest Assured of your ability to make car insurance claims in the face of most of the troubles that you could conceive of, through comprehensive Coverage in a single car insurance policy. The typical aspects that would make you eligible for car insurance claims include damage to car both from natural as well as man-made causes, where damages on account of acts of terrorism as well as own damage are included, providing personal Accident and liability cover against a range of possibilities that could translate into costs.

What does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover?

While you may want to check with your TPA or insurance provider for the exact specifications as may be applicable to your car insurance policy, you could expect the following to be covered by your car insurance:

Damages caused by natural calamities:

Typhoons, cyclones, hurricanes and storms, earthquakes, floods, lightning, landslides, frosts, tsunamis, and every other possibility that you could conceive as resulting from the fury of nature.

Damages caused by man-made factors:

Acts of terrorism, riots and strikes, damages incurred when the car is in transit through road, waterways or airways, arson and theft as well as other accidents caused by external causes.

Personal Accident Cover:

You could make car insurance claims for costs of injuries incurred when driving, boarding or dismounting from the car, along with having the option of adding on costs of injuries caused to passengers of the car.

Third Party Cover:

All instances of deaths and damages to property or people are provided protection against with this type of car insurance

What are the Exclusions under Comprehensive Car Insurance?

As with any other car insurance policy, there are exclusions in car insurance as well. You may not be eligible for car insurance claims in the following cases:

  • When driver has been under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the accident.
  • When the vehicle had been driven by someone without a valid driving licence.
  • Damages to tyres and tubes, unless accompanied with vehicular damage.
  • Vehicle breakdown due to mechanical or electrical reasons.
  • Wear and tear as part of regular usage.
  • Loss on account of breakout of war or damages caused by nuclear accidents.

Who may need comprehensive car insurance the most?

Your need for this kind of car insurance policy depends on a few factors, which would guide you if going for comprehensive car insurance would be justifiable:

  • Do you have a new or an expensive car?
  • Is your overnight parking area prone to suspicious activities?
  • Do you commonly drive through areas prone to hail storm landslides, floods or other natural events?
  • Have you experienced loose rocks flipped across on your regular highway drives?
  • If you answered in the affirmative for these questions, you may be likely to make car insurance claims on account of the numerous risk factors involved, and you may want to seriously consider comprehensive car insurance.