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About Company

TATA AIG Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between American International Group also known as AIG and Tata group. The company started its operations in India on the 22nd of January, 2001. TATA AIG provides insurance policies not only for individuals but also for corporate as well. At present, The TATA group holds 74 percent of the shares of the company while AIG embraces the outstanding twenty six percent of the shares.

Apart from car insurance, the other types of insurance that are provided by TATA AIG General Insurance include home, personal accident, energy, marine, travel, property, casualty and a whole variety of other specialized insurances. These insurances are available through a number of medium like agents, banks, brokers, online insurance sites. Digital marketing, work sites and telemarketing all fall under buying insurance online.

Key Features Of TATA AIG Car Insurance

The features of the car insurance plan from TATA AIG Car Insurance are

  • No charge on car pickup.
  • Accidental warranty for the vehicle up to a time of six months.
  • Claims settlement within a time period of 7 days.
  • Settlement facility in certain garages.
  • Online purchase and renewal of plan.

Types Of Car Insurance Plans From TATA AIG Insurance Co. Ltd.

TATA AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd. has divided car insurance into three broad categories. Namely they are

  • Private Car Insurance.
  • Commercial Car Insurance.
  • Second Hand Car Insurance

Private TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans

To cope up with any damage of loss that comes to an individuals private vehicle, the TATA AIG Private Car Insurance plan was introduced by the component. This coverage is placed under a plan known as the Auto Secure plan. The coverage of this plan include

  • Coverage of the partial or the total loss of the car insured in the event of an accident. These accidents may either be man-made of natural calamities.
  • No deduction on complete salvage.
  • Any damage made to any third person or property involved; third party liability.
  • Green channel settlement.
  • Availability of twelve different add-on covers under this car insurance.

The twelve add-on covers of this plan include

Daily Allowance - The daily transport expenses of an individual in covered for a particular number of days. The number of days remain restricted to 10 days the case of damage claims and 15 days in case of theft or loss or total loss claims.

Depreciation Reimbursement - The company shall pay for the depreciation value of the replaced parts for the first 2 damage claims that are made by the policyholder.

Return To Invoice - The amount that will be paid to the policyholder in case of the loss or the theft of the insured vehicle will be equal to the difference between the claim received and the actual purchase price of the car that is mentioned while the policy is being applied for.

Courtesy or Hire Car - To make the life of the policyholder easier, when the insured car is undergoing repair, TATA AIG will provide for a hired car that will assist the policyholder in his/her travel. In case the hired car is not available, travel allowance will be provided to the policyholder for a maximum of 10 days.

Repairing of glass, fiber and other rubber parts of the insured vehicle will not fall under the claims sections of the policy. These items need to be repaired and not replaced in order to help the policyholder with the No Claims Bonus.

No Claims Bonus Protection Cover - In the instance of the policyholder making a claim from the insurance policy and then renewing the car policy within 90 days, the No Claims Bonus feature can still be applied, as per the contract of the policy.

Key Replacement - reimbursement for the replacement of the key to a vehicle will be provided in the case of theft or lock outs or break ins.

Tyre Secure - All expenses that are related to the replacement or the repair of types of the insured vehicle will be taken care of.

Engine Secure - All expenses that are related to the engine whether they are replacements of certain part of the engine or fixing of it will be taken care of under the TATA AIG Car Insurance Policy. The parts that are generally considered under this policy includes the gearbox, internal parts, different assembly due tot he oil or the water flow and the transmissions of the car.

Loss of Personal Belongings - All loss of personal belongings are covered in this plan.

Consumable Expenses - The policy covers are consumables that are necessary after the accident.

Add on plans are provided under this plan. Namely the five plans are gold, pearl plus, pearl, platinum and titanium.

Plan on Commercial Vehicles By TATA AIG Car Insurance

This car insurance plan not only covers for third party liability but it also covers the damages that are brought to the car including the replacement of parts and the fixing of the car as a whole. The medical expenses of the insured person and the others who are involved are also taken care of.

All the loses that are arising in the case of fire, burglary, theft, riots and strikes, damage die to transit by rail, air, road and sea are all covered under this plan.

Second Hand Car Insurance

TATA AIG General Insurance company has a unique division of car insurance for the purpose of second hand cars only. The second hand car insurance is the same as the other two car insurances and come with the same amount of features as the above.

Eligibility For Application Of Car Insurance By TATA AIG

All car owners who have a personal car or a heavy commercial vehicle are eligible for applying for the car insurance plan from TATA AIG General Insurance. There are a certain number of documents that need to be submitted. The vehicle insurance may either be bought online through specific websites of through other middle-men who deal with insurances.

The documents that are generally needed for applying for a car insurance include the driver’s license of the policyholder, address proof, bank statement and the mark sheet of the driver.

Claims Process For TATA AIG Car Insurance

There are two ways in which a policyholder can apply for claims for their respective car insurance. One method is the cashless claims process while the second is the reimbursement claims method.

For the cashless claims method, a policyholder must first register the claim with the company within 24 hours of the accident. The company’s technical experts will do a survey of the damaged vehicle and evaluate the loss within a period of 48 days. The settlement amount will then be told to the policyholder and the repair of the vehicle will take place.

On the other hand, for the method of reimbursement claims, the policyholder must inform the company within 24 hours of the accident his/her desire to make a claim of the policy. A survey of the damaged vehicle will be undertaken by the technical experts of the company. All documents that are required and that act as proof of repair must be submitted to the company. The company will evaluate these documents and then proceed to the claims process. Once the documents are approved, the reimbursement method takes place. The documents that are required for this are :-

  • Completed claims form.
  • Driving license of the person who was driving the vehicle at that time.
  • A copy of the FIR when the claims are made against bodily injury of theft of property damage.
  • The vehicle registration document.

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