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Your Company’s Mediclaim Is Not Sufficient

So, your company's corporate benefits plan includes a mediclaim and you are quite elated about it!

Well, this is not a sufficient reason to be all pleased as the mediclaim wouldn't cover all that is needed to be covered, especially with a family to look after, and health being the prime concern.

As per the last survey done by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in 2011-12, it was revealed that out of a gross of 48 crores working population of the country, almost 25 crores were employed in corporate industry, especially the services sector. Out of this total workforce, 82.7% is working in unorganised sector. You would agree that the unorganised sector is known for NOT giving adequate employee benefits. If you are a part of this sector, chances of you being covered under an adequate health plan are very low!

Usually the companies provide with a mediclaim to its employees which is not a good cover for your entire family.

Here are the believable reasons why you need an extra cover to protect yours and your family's health:

1) Mediclaim Coverage Is Definitely Not Enough

You'd be making a huge mistake and taking risks with yours and your family's health if you are completely relying on the mediclaim provided by your employer. Here's why:

  • Mediclaim offers a limited cover that may not be sufficient for your medical contingencies.
  • Many employers, while providing a mediclaim, either don’t cover ageing parents or provide a very limited cover for them.
  • Group insurance policies picked up by the corporate are going to become costlier in coming years. Hence, there are negligible chances of getting any discounts.
  • Once you retire from your job, company provided health cover lapses too. Buying a health plan at that stage is very complicated and expensive affair. Hence, you must buy one while you are still young.


2) Medical Costs Are Breaking the Roofs

You definitely need an extra cover for your medical needs if you wish to fight with the medical inflation, which is racing at 12-15% per annum.

3) Salary Hikes Are Not What You Expected

With the average increase in salaries in the organised sector, which is to the tune of 8-10%, and after adjusting inflation and other economic factors, it comes down to a mere 4-5%, you can never pay your medical bills which are sky rocketing. Hence, the need for an extra medical cover.

4) Unforeseen Medical Emergencies Are the Shockers

Health is unpredictable, no matter how careful one is. Any medical emergency in the family can lead to huge financial liabilities, and an individual with limited means of earnings and a meagre corporate mediclaim can get doomed! An extra medical cover which adequately provides for such emergencies is a must.

5) A Customised Health Plan Is What You Need

A runner mediclaim provided to the entire clan of employees can never cover your individual medical needs. Therefore, a customised plan is a must, which can envelop all sorts of medical expenses that you may encounter for self and family, from time to time. The salaried corporate employee is the most vulnerable being who gets affected with minor or major changes in the economy. To top it all, health expenses can turn the life complete upside down! Do not rely on company mediclaim and invest in a sound and customised health cover, which will prove to be your best friend in need.


Why do I need health insurance?

We need Health Insurance to take care of future medical expenditures that may arise at any point of time in our lives. Medical insurance takes care of the financial aspect of emergency See more

What does health insurance cover?

It covers almost all hospitalisation expenses for a minimum period of 24 hours. Certain day care procedures are also covered. The cover includes accidents, surgeries See All

What is cashless facility?

Cashless facility allows the insured to be treated at select hospitals without paying in cash at the network hospitals. To avail this facility, the insurer or the assigned TPA must be informed See All

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