Fine Art Insurance

covers artworks for physical loss or damage at specified locations or in transit

About Fine Art Insurance
Art is an asset - insure and be secure !
Individuals investing in art, collectors prizing their collections, galleries, boutiques and artists exhibiting their passion, restorers recapturing its lost glory, auction houses hammering bids, forwarders engaged in the tasks of moving art, all be assured that these precious items can be insured for their fair value. Monetary losses can be adequately compensated in the event of a mishap to these precious items, to a large extent, by insuring.

Fine art insurance policies provide cover against all risks of physical loss and or damages, whether the artworks are stationed at premises or even whilst they are in transit. Such polices give the widest coverage, as covers are not specified but the exclusions or what is not covered is named. Realistically, physical loss or damage, besides a clear title, is the greatest risk that any tangible asset is actually susceptible to, anywhere in the world.

It is important to evaluate and ascertain the correct value of paintings, sculptures, antiques, installations, collectables etc. at the inception of the policy, as policies issued for artworks are by and large agreed value polices.

Assess Risk, Insure Proper and Be Secure!!!

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Fine Art Insurance FAQs

Who all can buy art insurance ?
What are named and unnamed locations ?
What does the Fine Art insurance Policy cover ?
Points to consider
Annual polices should be taken by galleries and fine art investors or collectors, which include transit and exhibitions too, as required.
Event specific policies are available and advised for exhibitions, if not covered in an annual insurance policy
Multiple premises can be covered for stay risk in a single insurance policy
Artworks can be insured for specific inland and overseas journeys
Any insurance can provide full protection only when the sum insured is adequate
The basis of valuation for which the artworks are to be insured, should be decided before buying the insurance cover and should be based on the current market value
Market Value is the amount for which an artwork of a similar age and condition can be bought or sold and it is to be certified by an art valuer
Artworks purchased many years ago, or passed down generations, can be evaluated by an art valuer and insured at current market rates
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