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provides for emergencies that may arise during the trip.

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Travel Insurance FAQs
Why do I need travel insurance?
What is covered in travel insurance?
Am I covered if I meet with an accident in adventure sports?
Can I extend my travel insurance if my stay abroad has to be extended?

Travel Insurance Basics

Isn’t it unpleasant to think about situations like falling ill on a much-awaited trip, losing your baggage, or facing a terrorist attack? But when such things happen, it brings along more than emotional and financial implications. Travel insurance helps reduce the agony to an extent. Insuring your trip does not guarantee safety but acts as a safeguard against the unexpected losses due to mishaps and emergencies, medical and non-medical. Though travel insurance is generally optional, it gives a sense of security away from home.

Whether your travel is for leisure or business; frequent or occasional, buying travel insurance is as important as any other planning done for the trip, especially if travelling abroad. It covers you for flight delays or flight cancellations , baggage loss or delayed , medical emergencies , plane hijack and other such things that might upset your tour. Travel insurance simply takes the sting out of a trip gone wrong. Nowadays, certain countries have even made it mandatory for their visitors to have travel insurance.

Travel insurance plans are broadly based on the duration and/or frequency of travel and may cover different aspects. You can buy it for a single trip or for multiple trips during the year as per your requirement. All travel insurance plans have most of the emergency situations covered; however one must be aware of situations that are not included in the cover.
Check what your travel insurance covers:
• Cover for Passport Loss
In case of loss of passport, you may get emergency assistance and guidance from the emergency helpline or the TPA of the insurance company in obtaining a duplicate passport. You will also be reimbursed the cost that you have incurred in obtaining the duplicate passport. However, this is subject to any deductibles and applicable policy norms.

• Accidental Death and Dismemberment Cover
This feature covers you for death and permanent total disablement due to accident while travelling. You or the nominee will be paid the sum assured as the case may be. Although this is applicable in almost all cases, you might not be covered if the accident occurs during an adventure sport.

• Cover for Checked Baggage Loss or Delay
Checked baggage refers to your bags that have been handed over to the airline during check-in. Travel Insurance covers you for the loss or delay of your checked baggage, however it does not necessarily cover you for all the contents of the baggage. It entitles you to compensation for the inconvenience caused due to delay or loss of baggage.

• Personal Liability Cover
If someone is injured or their property is damaged because of you, the third party can make a claim against you. Personal Liability covers this aspect during your travel. It may or may not form a part of the travel insurance depending upon the level of insurance you seek.

• Hijack Relief Benefit
You get hijack relief benefit if your aircraft or ship is hijacked overseas. The compensation is subject to deductibles if any, like the duration for which your carrier was hijacked. This may not form a part of all insurance policies so you need to confirm about it if you want hijack cover.

• What is Easypolicy?
Easypolicy simply makes insurance easy. With Easypolicy, you may rest assured that you are making the right choice for your insurance policy. We not only offer quotes from various insurance companies, but also make price-feature comparisons for our users to see what each company has to offer. Moreover, we assist you with important information in a friendly interface, which helps you understand the intimidating world of insurance better so that you can make an informed choice.

Please refer to our Travel Insurance FAQs for more Information.
Cover medical treatment in case of illness and accidents. Get good medical care without worrying about expensive treatment.

Medical expenses have increased. Common man has to stretch to uncomfortable financial limits to get proper treatment for himself and his family.

If you earn more than 5 lakhs per year, get a cover of at least 5 lakhs. Anything below that, take a cover equal to your annual income.

Medical Tests
Typically, below 45 age does not require medical tests. A few plans for senior citizens don't require tests as well.

Documents usually asked are age proof and identity proof. Check on the quotes page if you need to undergo medical tests

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