Compare Apollo Munich Easy Health Standard Plan


Apollo Munich Easy Health Standard Plan

Apollo Munich’s Easy Health Standard is a simple health insurance plan which provides all the essential coverage features. The policy can be taken either on an individual basis or on a family floater basis. There are two additional Critical Illness riders with the plan which pay a lump sum benefit in case of being diagnosed with any critical illness.

Key features of the plan

  • The Stay Active Benefit of the plan promotes healthy living. The feature gives a premium discount if the life insured takes specified number of steps during the term of the plan.
  • The plan has two rider benefits – Critical Illness Rider and Critical Advantage Rider. Critical Illness Rider is available for all levels of Sum Insured while the Critical Advantage Rider is available only if the Sum Insured is above Rs.10 lakhs.
  • The policy allows coverage up to Rs.15 lakhs

How does the plan work?

Step 1 – the policyholder chooses the Sum Assured, the term of the plan and the members covered.

Step 2 – the policyholder might also choose additional riders or optional coverage features.

Step 3- If the covered member (s) face any medical contingency and the related expenses are covered by the plan the expenses incurred are paid by the plan.

Step 4 – if the plan matures and no medical contingencies occur, no benefit is paid.


Option 1 – Ravi’s wife faces a covered critical illness. The plan pays Rs.5 lakhs in lump sum when his wife is diagnosed with the illness.

Option 2 – Ravi is also hospitalized for an accident the medical bills of which come to Rs.2.5 lakhs. The plan pays the claim of Rs.2.5 lakhs fully.

Option 3 – The tenure of the plan comes to an end but Ravi does not make any claim. He gets a cumulative bonus of 10% increase in Sum Insured which becomes Rs.5.5 lakhs.

Plan benefits

  • Medical benefits – the list of medical expenses covered by the plan and their extent is as follows:
    Coverages Sum Insured Rs.1-5 lakhs. Rs.7.5,10,15 lakhs
    In-patient hospitalization Covered
    Day care treatments Covered
    Pre-hospitalization 60 days
    Post hospitalization 90 days
    Domiciliary hospitalization Covered
    Organ Donor expenses Covered
    Daily Cash for Shared Accommodation Rs.500/day up to Rs.3000
    AYUSH Coverage Up to Rs.20,000
    Ambulance cover Up to Rs.2000
    Health check-ups Up to 1% of Sum once every 4 years
  • No Claim Bonus – if the policyholder does not make a claim in any policy year he earns a cumulative bonus of 10% increase in the Sun Insured subject to a maximum of 100%.
  • Premium discounts – premium is discounted by 7.5% if a 2-year policy term is chosen. A family discount is also available which is 5% for 2 members and 10% for 3 or more members
  • Stay Active Benefit – this benefit also discounts the premium if the insured takes a specified number of steps during a policy year. If the insured has walked 5001 to 8000 steps, the discount is 2%, for 8001 to 10, 000 steps, the discount is 5% and for steps above 10, 001, the discount is 8%.
  • Riders – two riders are available with the plan. One is the Critical Illness Rider which covers 11 illnesses and the other is the Critical Advantage Rider which covers 8 illnesses.
  • Value Added Services – the plan has three types of Value Added Services which include:
  • Healthline which allows policyholders to seek medical consultation and advise for their illnesses.
  • Cashless Hospitalization which allows the facility of cashless claim settlement across 4000+ hospitals in India.
  • Health Risk Assessment which is a tool to assess the health of the policyholder.

Eligibility Criteria

  Minimum Maximum
Age at entry (in completed years) 5 years
Dependent Children - 3 months
Adults - 65 years
Plan tenure 1 year 2 years
Premium paying options Single pay  
Sum Assured Rs.1 lakh Rs.15 lakhs

What is not covered by the plan?

Illnesses suffered during the first 30 days of the plan commencement are not covered.
Critical Illnesses suffered during the first 90 days of the plan commencement are not covered.
Pre-existing illnesses or conditions are not covered by the plan in the first 3 years of the policy
Specific illnesses are not covered in the first two years of the plan.
Illnesses or accidents caused due to genetic disorder or stem cell surgery, substance abuse, participation in adventure sports or hazardous activities, criminal acts, attempted suicide, war and hazardous substances, etc. are not covered.
Treatments like cosmetic treatments, artificial life support, weight loss treatments, non-allopathic treatments or due to HIV/AIDS, etc. are not covered.

Premium Illustration

Below are the sample rates of premium payable by a non-smoking male living in Mumbai for different combinations of age and members covered. The Sum Insured is Rs.10 lakhs and the policy is taken for 1 year.



What is AYUSH coverage?

Under AYUSH coverage, in-patient treatments taken according to alternative medicine like Ayurveda, Unani or Siddha treatments would be covered up to the specified limit.

How does the Stay Active benefit work?

The policyholder has to download the Stay Active App which would be triggered when the policy is issued. The app then tracks the number of steps taken in a year.

What is the Sum Insured limit of Critical Illness Rider?

The minimum Sum Insured is Rs.1 lakh and the maximum is Rs.10 lakhs

Do Value Added Benefits require an additional premium?

No, there is no additional premium for availing the Value Added Benefits. These benefits come free of cost.

Can I increase the Sum Insured under the plan?

Yes, the Sum Insured can be increased at the time of renewing the plan. This enhancement would be given if there had been no claims in the policy year so far. If the enhancement of the Sum Insured is in the next grid, the company would not insist on fresh medical check-ups. If, however, the enhancement puts the Sum Insured above 2 or 3 grids, fresh medical check-ups would be required.

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