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Health Insurance
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Health Insurance

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Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

This health insurance company was established in 2007 formed under the collaboration of Apollo Hospitals group and a German reinsurance company- Munich health. It was the first standalone health insurance company that entered the market after the Indian health insurance companies were liberalized.

This private sector health insurance company has about 100 offices all over India and is an employment space of over 2200 people. It has been certified by ISO 9001:2008 for its services provided in Device, Distribution, and Servicing of products in health insurance.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Product

A wide range of services is available, catering to everyone’s needs from a single individual to his whole family under the same coverage. Keeping in mind that the needs and preferences of senior citizens can differ from other sections, separate policies are available for them too.

Working under the tagline of “Let’s uncomplicate”, Apollo Munich Health Insurance works towards simplifying things and bringing transparency in the process of providing health insurance to its customers by combining various marketing, strategic and social initiatives.

Common Features of Apollo Munich Health Plans

  • It provides portability factor in its schemes. This means that a policyholder has the right to transfer his credits and the time-bound inclusions in case they decide to switch from one plan to another or from one insurer to another.
  • There is no service for claim-based loading. This means that an insurer is not allowed to increase the premium owed by any policyholder for the exact sum insured on the grounds that the insured made a claim for an illness or accident in the previous year.
  • The policyholder enjoys the lifelong policy renewal service.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Is Better Than Its Contemporaries

The various awards that it has won add to its well-established credibility and competence in the field:

  • ET Best Brand Award 2016 in BFSI category
  • Recognized as Great Place to Work for the 6th consecutive time
  • Receiver of the Global Brand Excellence Award 2016 by CMO Asia for its sustainable marketing excellence
  • Recognized as Claims Service Leader 2016 by Indian Insurance Awards
  • Best Insurance Health Provider 2015 by Money Today
  • Recognized as The Technology Leader of the Year 2015 by Indian Insurance Awards
  • Health Insurer of The Year 2014 by Hero Cycles’ India Health and Wellness Awards and Fintelekt
  • Best Company to provide Health Insurance 2013 and the Technology Maturity Award at Indian Insurance Awards
  • It was awarded Best Health Insurance Company 2012 by Outlook Money
  • It won E-business leader 2011 by India Insurance Award
  • For being the best corporate wellness organization, it received CII Wellness Award 2009

The various innovative schemes developed by it for the sole benefit of people have also gained recognition:

  1. Dengue Care: Being the only insurance plan in India to provide cover against a specific contagious disease, it was awarded the Best Health Insurance Plan at FUCCI Healthcare Excellence Awards 2016.
  2. Energy: This health insurance plan was designed while keeping in mind the interests of people suffering from pre-diabetes, Type II diabetes, or hypertension. With its no waiting period for hospitalization, rewarding the policyholders with a reduction on the renewal of their premium and the added compensation of medical expenses- this plan won Innovation of The Year Award by Asia Insurance Awards and Fintelekt.
  3. Optima Restore: This health insurance policy was aimed at restoring the entire sum insured in case it was used up during the policy period, without any extra costs. It won multiple innovation awards from various top insurance review companies.

The Policies Provided Under the Umbrella of Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Although there is a wide range of services provided, keeping in mind the benefits of the customers, the following few provide a glimpse into it:

  • Health Insurance Plans: All policies under it come with the benefits of:
    1. Restore- As soon as the sum insured is consumed, it automatically reinstates the entire insured sum.
    2. Multiplier- Under this, if there has been no claim in the first year of the policy then the basic sum insured for the following year grows by 50 percent.
    3. Stay Active- this is for the customers with an active lifestyle and allows them to enjoy premium discounts. It also provides people with an app in their phones which helps them to track their progress.
    4. Entry Age:
      Minimum age- 5 to 18 years (depending on the plan)
      Maximum age: 65 years
      Policy Term:
      1 or 2 years
      Minimum Sum Assured:
      4 lakhs to 50 lakhs
      The various schemes under this plan are:

    1. Optima Restore Health Insurance Plan: This policy covers for all members for the entire duration of the policy, even after the claim has been made.
    2. Optima Senior- Exclusively devised for the senior citizens, it provides an option for the coverage of one’s spouse along with, the coverage for medical treatments and accidents, the benefit of day-care procedures, domiciliary treatment, expenses of an organ donor in case of a transplant, cumulative bonus, cashless service and tax benefits.

      Entry Age: 61 years and above

      Sum Assured: 2-5 lakhs

      Coverage type: Individual

      Waiting Period: 3 years

      Grace period: 30 days from date of expiry to renew policy

  • Travel Insurance Plans: A number of unexpected things are liable to happen when a person it traveling places. Five policy variants are available in the schemes (for some the number may be reduced to three or four): Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Asian Region.

    Entry Age: 91 days to 65 years

    Policy Term: 1-2 years

    Total Sum Assured:
    1 lakh to 50 lakhs

    Premium Payment Mode: Debit card, Credit card, Cheque

  • This plan provides coverage of several types:

    1. Easy Travel- Individual: offer benefits like reimbursement of travel expenses in case of cancellation of trips due to medical emergencies and 24/7 access to medical advice on the phone.
    2. Easy Travel- Family: A plan to cover the trip for the whole family, no matter where you travel in the world. The members get access to services such as passport assistance, referrals to medical service providers and interpreter referral services, among other things.
    3. Easy Travel- Senior Citizen: Devised for the people aged from 71-80 years, the insured person can avail the coverage for lost passport assistance, the dental coverage, 24/7 medical advice while traveling and personal accident coverage, among other things.
    4. Easy Travel- Annual Multi-Trip Plan: This plan was formulated keeping in mind the people who travel throughout the year. It provides important updates on travel and health information. It also comes as an aid in case of emergency evacuation situations or even for a simple need of interpreter referral services.
    5. Educare- Student Travel Insurance: This one is for the students traveling abroad for academic purposes. It offers mandatory medical covers along with the customized optional benefits such as non-medical covers, accidental covers, travel inconvenience covers, maternity and childcare benefits and many other things.
  • Personal Accident Plans: For the many uncertainties hovering over one’s life, this plan is a cover for providing financial stability to one’s family in difficult times.
  • Benefits:

    • It covers a Premium plan and a Standard Plan
    • There is no maximum cover ceasing age under this policy and can be issued for an individual or as a part of family floater plan
    • The plan benefits include a lump sum payment in case of accidental death, the case of permanent total disablement, and permanent partial disablement
    • It covers expenses incurred by use of ambulance in case of an emergency and for the transportation of the mortal remains of a person their residence or hospital or to cremation or burial grounds
    • A sum of 50 percent is paid for a child who is pursuing an educational course in an educational institution if the claim under AD or PTD is accepted for an insured person.

      Entry Age: 5- 69 years
      Policy Term (in years): 1 year
      Total Sum Assured: 10 times of total annual income
      Premium Payment Mode: Debit, Credit, Cheque