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Comparing Plans of Cigna TTK, Star Health and Religare

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When you decide to buy Health Insurance you are likely to face the problem of plenty. Making a choice amongst 25 odd companies is no mean feat. For starters there are 21 Private Insurance companies who do General insurance business along with Health Insurance in India, and then there are four public sector general insurance companies and 4 stand alone health insurance companies to join the bandwagon in the health insurance sector of India.

This article shows the comparison between three prominent stand alone health insurance companies operating in India i.e. Cigna Ttk Vs Religare Vs Star Health company. These three companies are some of the best health insurance companies of India and people always find hard to choose amongst them. Another standalone health insurance company that tops the charts in Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company but it is a Premium company and its plans are costlier than the other three. That is the reason I am omitting Apollo Munich in this comparison.

Cigna TTK- Pro health protect is the flagship product offered by the company Cigna TTK. This plan boasts of having a many attractive features like World Wide Emergency Cover, which covers your medical expenses even when you are abroad. The Coverage would be up to the sum Assured and on reimbursement basis as there would be no Network Hospitals to take cashless treatment. This feature is useful for those who are frequent international travelers and have a good sum Insured in their Policy as treatment in foreign countries can be expensive. Another attractive feature of this plan is Cumulative Bonus for no claims, under this benefit for every Claim free year the insurance company would increase the Sum Assured by 5% without any increase in the premium. The policyholder would continue enjoying this increase in sum insured by 5% for every claim free year till the sum insured is increased by 100%. These are the rewards of staying healthy. Another very powerful feature of this plan is Restoration of sum assured, if the original sum insured along with Cumulative Bonus/Cumulative Bonus Booster (if any) has been exhausted, the company will restore the sum insured by 100% once in a policy year to meet future claims for all unrelated diseases/injuries.

One may incur some expenses on treatment before Hospitalization as well such as consultation fees of the doctors, pharmacy expenses and diagnostic tests. Under this plan all such costs are covered for up to 60 days before hospitalization and up to 90 days of post hospitalization expenses are also covered, apart from this day care treatment which requires hospitalization for less than 24 hours is also covered. Also, ambulance expenses up to Rs.2000 on every hospitalization are also covered.

Star Health – Mediclassic

The Mediclassic is also a very popular and effective health insurance product. Its restoration benefit is the best. There shall be automatic restoration of the basic sum insured by 200%, immediately after the exhaustion of the coverage limit. Plans of other companies restore it to a maximum of 100%. Another feature of this plan is that it covers HIV positive persons, provided at the time of first commencement of insurance under this policy, their CD4 count is not less than 350 (proof to be submitted). In this plan for every claim free year the Policyholder is eligible for bonus calculated at 5% of the basic sum insured which can get accumulated to the maximum of 25% i.e. (5%,5%,5%,5%, and 5%), if you get No claim bonus for five years in an individual health plan. For a Family Floater Plan the no claim bonus is 25% of sum insured for first year and 10% of sum insured in the second year. Thus, a maximum of 35% of original sum insured can be availed in the family floater Mediclassic plan. In this plan you can get pre-hospitalization expenses covered for past 30 days and post-hospitalization expenses for next 60 days. Here you can get an ambulance cover of Rs. 1500 on every hospitalization.

Religare Care

The care plan offered by Religaire allows recharge of the sum insured like the other two plans when the original sum insured gets exhausted due to some unrelated claim. Unrelated claim means, the patient or policyholder cannot use the recharged sum insured for the same ailment for which the original sum insured has been consumed. The recharge allowed is equal to 100% and is valid for the same policy period. This plan also takes car that you don’t fall sick and early diagnosis of a disease can be possible, if offers health check-up once every year irrespective of claims, for individuals of age 18 years and above. It also offers a no-claim bonus super add-on cover which makes no claim benefit equal to 60% of the sum insured for the first and second year. For third, fourth and fifth year the no claim bonus is 10 % each. Thus, you can get a total no claim bonus of 150%. It includes some specific treatments (listed in the policy document) anywhere in the world for sum insured INR 50,00,000 and above. Here, prior approval from the company has to be taken to take treatment of any of the listed diseases abroad. Unlike the plan of Cigna TTK, treatment for an emergency during a foreign trip is not covered in this plan. Under this plan there is age bar on maximum age to enter and minimum entry age is 91 days.


All the three are very good health insurance products. The family floater plan of Star Health can be quite beneficial as sum insured restoration is 200% when original sum insured gets exhausted on the other hand both Cigna TTK- pro health protect and Religaire-Care restore it by 100%. Here Star Health-Mediclass has an edge. The No-claim bonus scheme of Star Health-Mediclass is not very attractive as a maximum of increase on original sum insured of 25% in case of individual plan and 35% in case of family floater is allowed. Whereas, in case of Cigna TTK pro-health an increase of 5% sum insured for every claim free year is allowed up to maximum of 100%. Thus, it would take the customer 20 claim free years to increase the sum insured by 100%. The best No-claim bonus scheme is of Religaire-Care, here you can get a maximum increase in sum assured up to 150% of the original sum insured and that too in as soon as 5 claim free years. 60% increase in the first two claim free years each. That is a huge incentive to stay fit. A unique feature of Star health insurance is that it covers AIDS patients in some conditions (Conditions explained above), the other two plans exclude them. The World Wide Emergency cover provided by Cigna TTK in its plan is a master feature, if you are a frequent traveler or going abroad for a trip you need not have traveler insurance if you have Cigna TTK –pro health plan as your treatment cost in abroad would be covered up to your sum insured. This feature gives edge to Cigna TTK especially if travel abroad more often. There are many small differences in their features which one read on our website Choice of such plans is made after relating their features suitable to your needs. All these three are very competitive products and the difference in premium is also not very significant.