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Benefits of Health Insurance Early in Life

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Experts suggest that Health Insurance is a must for all individuals today as almost all people at some point of time in their life suffer from health ailments. High medical cost, escalated cost during Hospitalization and expensive medicines often take a toll on one’s savings. It is therefore essential to bank on a health insurance Policy to survive medical onslaughts – before they strike.

Picking the right Mediclaim health insurance early in life has more than one benefit. Let us see why prudent people choose health insurance policy when they are at their early adulthood and not suffering from a Critical Illness disease.

Getting Ideal Coverage

If you are looking for an ideal coverage, benefits of useful riders, and inclusion of many critical illness diseases, an early purchase of health insurance can work wonders.

Many diseases have “wait periods” before a person can avail the coverage. Getting a health cover early in life would allow the wait period to be over quickly and pave way for the Policyholder to use the option.

Many insurance companies seek medical checkups of certain critical illnesses before providing the coverage of the same. If you already have the disease, you would not get the said benefit. In other words, a negative result during a checkup can result in the exclusion of a particular coverage. So, before the ailments appear, getting insurance – even though it is early –would allow you to reap the benefit of the policy.

Getting coverage early in life also help policyholders to get health claims faster and without any hassle.

Availing Value for Money

Apart from healthcare benefits and coverages, acquiring health insurance early in one’s life would allow the policyholder to save money in the long run as well. For instance:

The “no-claim” advantages are also more when people buy health cover during their youth. As time passes, the benefits would be more enhanced and profitable – for instance, Premium of the mediclaim would be reduced immensely. If not, the premium levied for a mediclaim policy would increase after a certain interval.

There are also cumulative bonuses which a policyholder can avail if he buys the health cover early in life and continues to renew the policy as well.

Shopping for the Best Coverage

Securing a health insurance policy just when you have attained adulthood allows you to check out suitable benefits. In fact, if you are not interested with the current one, you can still search and take up another insurance policy that has those advantages with the same sum Assured than the one which you’ve got. Buying early, gives you many more features to choose the apt policy.

In short, buying a policy at a later stage would incur escalations which one can easily do away with if they acquired a health insurance policy earlier in life.

Why therefore, wait till you get a disease to buy a health insurance plan? Get it now when you are young so that you can negate Exclusions and avail many more inclusions, lucrative health claims, and coverages that would be worth the money you have put in the plan.