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Buying Health Insurance in India

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Dispensing out a lump sum amount of cash at one go may seem to be a tough task for some, while for many others it is just not possible, even when it concerns their health. That’s where Health Insurance comes into the scene as a blessing.

Health insurance is the only way out through which anybody regardless of financial status can take care of his health and his family’s health at affordable price in best manner. One may feel that he is mounting up his deposits by putting his money into health insurance uselessly, but that’s how the health insurance company provides financial aid to its policyholders by sanctioning the lump sum amount at once.

Health insurance in India

Buying health insurance in India needs a lot of tact and balanced decision as the number of options are wide with multitude of features. Every feature counts and specific amount is charged against it. Therefore knowing one’s own requirement is the prime factor while acquiring health insurance.

Other than your own requirements, there are few more things to take care which will assist you to buy affordable medical insurance in India.


Once you are aware of your needs next step you should take is to compare health insurance companies as well as various health insurance policies available with them. Instead of looking for the cheap health insurance, search for the affordable medical insurance Policy that meets with your specific medical needs.

Check for Claim settlement history and other records

Your health is your prior issue and you cannot handover your money to any insurance company without checking its records. Check for the number of claims settled and number of claims not settled. Look for the number of years the company is in existence for as it clarifies that the company is not the new one and will not go bankrupt in the long run.

Health insurance premium

Evaluate your decision twice before examining just health insurance Premium to buy a cheap health insurance policy. If health insurance premium is the only criteria while buying a health insurance policy, you might not get the requisite cover and what is the use of the health policy which does not serves when any health need arises.

Still, if you want to consider health insurance premium before buying health insurance, compare the premium amount payable after the age of 45. May be insurers believe that this is the point when array of ailments can attack the person and they will have to provide more health coverage. Keeping this in mind many insurers maintain their premium rates for this age group much higher as compared to those people who are less than 45 years of age.

Maximum renewal age

When you compare health insurance features look for maximum renewal age. Health problems are the common companions mostly when the person belongs to old age and your health insurance policy should be functional when you actually need it.

Upper limit of payment for treatments

Look for the upper limit of amount that insurance company is willing to pay for treatments. Search for the company which provides higher upper limit and also be watchful of the number of treatments you will be getting the payment for.

Besides these points, look for other factors such as number of day care procedures, Hospitalization charges, ambulance charges, network of hospitals etc. All these things will give you the idea which insurance company is the best and where you can put in your hard earned money to get the best service availed on time. Do not forget, there are always some chances of bargain where you can save quite good amount of your cash.