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Buying the Best Health Insurance Policy

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What about healthcare?

Healthcare costs have spiraled at a hypersonic rate. It is no surprise today for any member of a family falling victim to some disease that requires hospitalization. The middle-aged are more prone to critical illnesses. Getting treated at the best hospital with the best doctors and equipped with all modern facilities will only drain out your hard earned savings faster. This is where buying the best health insurance coverage comes into play.

Role of Health Insurance policy

A health Policy will keep you financially protected against most diseases. Yes, a medical insurance will let you avail satisfactory treatment at one of the most reputed hospitals in your city. But then choosing the right Mediclaim does matter here. Not all health plans come with benefits that meet your preferences and budget. Many a buyer often falls in a dilemma given the multitude of choices in health plans. Buying the best health insurance is not as easy as it seems to be. You will need to conduct enough research. But then do you have the time to view different health plans offered by the different mediclaim providers. Benefits covered, insurance premium, critical illnesses covered, terms and conditions – the list of considerations just goes on. Visit an online insurance service provider, get quotes, compare mediclaim plans, and buy your chosen policy in a matter of minutes.

The best health insurance chosen by your friend, relative or colleague may not be the best for you. This is because preferences differ from person to person and from family to family. To choose the best health insurance plan from amid the available medical insurance policies offered by all top mediclaim providers, here are a few tips you may consider:

  • Are you single or have a family? If yes, go for the family health policy. This will help you save on the insurance premium. Evidently, insurance Premium of a family medical insurance will be higher compared to an individual plan. But two or three individual plans, meant for each member, will be much costlier than the single family plan
  • Health coverage may be basic or comprehensive. Generally, basic coverage is common in almost all medical insurance policies, encompassing primarily inpatient Hospitalization and outpatient surgery coverage. A comprehensive mediclaim will include more benefits including cover for critical illnesses, Pre-existing diseases, preventative care, regular health check-ups, prescription drug benefits, etc. The insurance premium is lesser for a basic plan compared to a comprehensive health policy.
  • Lower the insurance premium, higher is the Deductible and vice versa. If you foresee frequent doctor visits, consider a health policy with higher premium and lesser deductible
  • How many good hospitals are there in your city? Consider the validity of your mediclaim card for use in hospitals in your area
  • Consider the limit of out-of-pocket maximum in case of any critical illness
  • Reflect on whether your chosen hospital is included in the list of your medical insurance.

Better health coverage is the gateway to peace and happiness! So get Insured with the best health insurance plan and stay worry-free.