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pays for your hospital bills for diagnostics, surgery etc.

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Choices for Health Insurance

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One of the most important types of insurance that every single individual should have is a health insurance. It is very essential and a pocket saver when a huge medical expenditure is to be made. The Health Insurance Policy is a contract that can be renewed either monthly or annually. When a health insurance is being made, even hi-tech surgeries and treatments become a cake walk.

Types of Health Insurances

In India, health insurance may be broadly classified into two categories:

1.Individual health insurance – It is meant for an individual person in a family. This plan offers optimum amount of sum Assured to the insured, so that he can bear his medical expenses in case of any medical emergency.

2.Family Floater health insurance – This type of insurance plan covers the insurance for the entire family of the Policyholder and not just the policyholder. In this plan, the amount of Sum Assured floats as per the medical need of the member getting hospitalized.

Apart from these two plans, following health plans are also available that caters to the specific medical needs of the customer:

1.Critical Illness health insurance
2.Personal Accident Insurance
3.Health insurance for senior citizens
4.Health insurance for women

Plan and Insurance

Health Plan and Health Insurance – The public insurance firms call it a Health Plan where as the private firms offering the same name it Health Insurance. The health plans are more like a pre-paid procedure, where a certain amount of money is paid towards it every month and when the actual need crops up, the required amount is paid by the insurers. The health insurance work the other way, where one can undergo the treatment and avail for the cashless mediclaim.

Cashless Mediclaim – It is the facility where one can undergo entire treatment and produce the bills of the same at the insurance company and the company would undertake all the expenses that they are Insured of.

Important Aspects of Health Insurance

  • The health care providers must be legitimate and the public must be aware of the firms before they start up a health care policy with the firm.
  • The split ups of the public and the firm may vary from place to place and company to company and hence the best which benefits the individual must be well chosen.
  • The same health policy plan might have different tariffs at different states and hence all the details must be thoroughly checked before one enters into a health insurance plan.

Accidents or any health mishaps can happen to anyone and at anytime. It might be a major or a minor problem, but having a mediclaim before hand ensures a sense of safety and security to the public at the time of crisis. Hence, with no further delay, go and get your health insurance policy now!