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Complete Health Protection with A Good Floater Policy

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Family floater insurance and floater policy!

A healthy family is a wealthy family. Family health care should be considered as a major criterion in order to establish a better personal life. This brings about the necessity for a right family health protection plan, which can serve the complete family health needs. A family Health Insurance Policy can be taken as an individual health insurance plan for each member or as a family floater health insurance. Family floater plans are gaining popularity these days.

A complete family health insurance with family floater plans.

A family floater health insurance plan is a unique choice where a single floater policy covers the entire family’s health needs. Here, all the members of a family are covered under a single Coverage amount and are therefore charged a single premium

What’s floater policy?

Before getting Insured with the floater policy, one should know what exactly happens in it, how it is useful to all the members of the family and how does it stand different from the individual policy. Here are few facts.

In a family floater policy, the total insured amount floats over all the members covered in the insurance.

A family member can get a greater Claim amount when compared to the individual medical cover, if there is only a single claim in a year.

Unutilized amount can be used by other members in the policy.

It is less expensive than getting individual plan for each member.

The patient is admitted to hospital due to sudden illness, accident, surgery, most insurance companies provides the following benefits:

Hospital/ nursing home bills.

Surgeon, anesthetist, medical practitioner, consultant, specialist fees.

ICU expenses:

Pre and post Hospitalization expenses.

Ambulance services and daily hospital allowances.

Why Family floater and not Individual health policy:-

One might now pose question, why family floater when there are individual health policies? Each has its own benefits; a Family Floater Plan is ideal for young families or those who are at a lower health risk.

One should choose a right kind of floater policy among many known today in the market. Along with the benefits offered, one should also compare the floater policy costs and should pick the best family floater health insurance that can fulfill your demands and requirements.