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Diabetes and Health Insurance

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Diabetes is a medical situation in which a person’s body is not able to produce enough insulin to control the sugar concentration in the blood or the produced insulin doesn’t get the required response from body cells. Thus in any case, the quantity or concentration of sugar in the body increases beyond the normal levels, leading to a number of health issues. The major effect of this condition is experienced by heart, leading to apparent heart attack. Eyes and kidney are the other organs which are seriously damaged due to diabetes. Presently, it is approximated that more than 50 million people around the world are suffering from diabetes and one million are diagnosed with the disease yearly.

Treatment of diabetes is possible in very rare cases. Also, a continuous medical supervision is necessary. However, it can be controlled quite easily by specific drugs which help in decreasing the sugar levels in the body. These drugs need to be taken regularly in the prescribed levels.

In most of the cases diabetic patients are not able to cope up with the financial requirements of the disease and thus are not able to support themselves well. Therefore, they look forward to an affordable Health Insurance Policy for themselves. However, most of the companies refrain from providing health insurance to them. Also, the companies which offer health insurance for diabetes patients have expensive premiums to provide for the heavy medical cover required. These plans are availed by a very less majority of such patients leading to a very less penetration.

Nowadays, companies are coming up with affordable sum Assured insurance options for diabetes patients but there are a number of conditions or parameters which are duly considered before any such approval.

Following are the parameters considered by the insurance companies while providing a health insurance policy to diabetes patient:

1.Sugar level in the body

Health insurance companies look for a safer side. Therefore, they perform a mandatory sugar test for diabetes patients and refrain from approving the insurance policies for those with sugar levels above critical. Also, those patients who have sugar levels below normal get comparatively higher Premium policies. Therefore, those looking for affordable health insurance cover must maintain their sugar levels within safe limits.

2.Medical history of the insurer

People with good medical history or less number of health problems arising out of diabetes easily get an affordable diabetes health insurance in comparison with the others. Therefore, people who have taken a good care of themselves and maintain a flawless medical history deserve an effortless health insurance cover approval.

3.Age group of the insurer

Age group of the diabetic person relates to the probability of health problems arising out of high sugar levels. In comparison to old people young people are more likely to be on safer side and tend to have less health issues due to diabetes. Therefore, people above 60 years of age must maintain a healthy body by performing regular exercises and having a balanced diet to bag a low premium health insurance.

Along with the above, there are many other sub parameters as well which are given due consideration while providing an affordable Sum Assured health insurance to diabetics.