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Explaining Expatriate Health Insurance

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With the growth of outsourcing industry, people are often being asked to immigrate to a foreign country other than India for work assignments. Also there is a growing craze among students for studying abroad. Travel Health Insurance is of crucial importance for such expats. It facilitates them to overcome the uncertainties during their stay in a foreign land. However, international travel health insurance provides cover only for a limited period of time which is generally very short. An expatriate health insurance can be a solution for all those thinking of prolonged and temporary stay.

What is expatriate health insurance?

Expatriate health insurance is a special type of international travel health insurance that allows people to bear their medical expenses during the stay in a foreign country other than their homeland, India. It is meant for the people who have crossed borders of India for work and studies. Although it looks similar, but it is different from international travel health insurance because the latter is available even in the case of short vacations and business trips, whereas the former is applicable only at the time of extended stays.

Why do you need it?

Most Indian travel health insurance plans are not meant to provide cover on prolonged trips. Also the international travel health insurance Coverage is restricted to limited countries only. Any uncertainty like theft of documents or medical emergencies in which you get hospitalized etc in a foreign land can fall heavy on your pocket. Having expatriate cover can be of great help in getting over such loss and further troubles. What are the Benefits?

The best thing about expatriate health insurance is the benefits of this international travel health insurance can be enjoyed across the globe other than one’s own country.. Through this international travel health insurance, you get access to the services of the best and renowned doctors and health care professionals available in that country. Thus, these are highly cost-effective. It helps in getting immediate treatment which may save lives, at critical times.

How It Can be Taken?

Technology has enabled us to take travel health insurance online. Before taking it, you can browse from the huge piles of information available on the internet. For taking an expatriate travel health insurance policy, one should pay special attention to the features of the policy. Also, there are various portals which enable us to compare the international health insurance facilities of various brands. Select the one that provides high quality health care facilities over a cheap and flexible option.

One of the best service providers is This website helps you to compare various international health insurance plans as well as other insurance plans of different brands. To take a Policy you are simply required to fill an enquiry form which is available on the website and submit it. This will help you to find the best policy that suits your requirements. Get an access to a safe and secure platform that provides you assistance at every step and helps you take a wise decision in selecting the best international health insurance.