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Facts about Senior Health Insurance Plan

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If there is one section of the society that deserves to be greeted and granted all the attention and care, it has to be senior citizens. In India, people over the age of 60 are classified as senior citizens; the government of India has laid sufficient emphasis on providing these elderly people with the security and safety net that they rightfully deserve as they stride with pride at dusk. When you have exerted your energy and efforts all your life and when you look forward to having a retirement of peace and tranquillity, the senior citizen health Policy is what comes in handy, serving you with your needs and requirements.

The government of India has made it mandatory that Health Insurance companies honour applications from the elderly, and there are a wide range of policy options to choose from for those in the age set of 65 to 80 years. In fact, medical insurance could be renewed till the age of 90. And you could choose from among the various options available in healthcare plans to decide how you would want to be protected in terms of your health as well as financial wellbeing.

Illnesses and conditions covered by senior citizen health policy:


One of the most common expenses covered in health insurance would be costs associated with hospitalisation. In general, you could expect this clause to cover expenses incurred in the hospital if you were to be hospitalised for a period of more than 24 hours. You could hope to have many of the expenses incurred in the period, as in the case of room charges involved, fees paid to physicians consultation and nursing, as well as costs of drugs, to be reimbursed if you were to be covered by medical insurance meant for senior citizens.

Pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses:

It is not necessarily only during hospitalisation, but also expenses that you may incur before and after the time you have spent being nursed, which could be covered under senior citizen health policy. However, you would have to check with the individual insurance service providers to find out how the precise clauses work in terms of the number of days covered.

Some of the other facts that may help you in making a decision on health plans are as follows:

You could have some of the Pre-existing ailments covered too, as in the case of diabetes etc, at an additional Premium paid – you could discuss this with your health insurance provider to find out which ones you would want to be covered and if you are eligible.

There are incentives available in senior citizen health policy, such as the no claims bonus, which would help you save even further in terms of your insurance premium.

In some cases, you would not have to go through waiting periods in Accident covers.

It is best to explore the different aspects and benefits associated with the various health plans and make the right decision that would protect your interests.