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Health Insurance - Protection Against Unforeseen

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What is Health Insurance?

Medical insurance is a protection for Insured and beneficiaries against the mounting health care and treatment cost incurred due to unforeseen circumstances. A small Premium can provide financial security at times when family income gets affected due to such predicaments. Insurance companies in India provide plethora of options having distinction on the basis of features, coverage, term, cost and benefits. They provide Reimbursement and cashless facilities for meeting all sorts of medical expenses in case of accidents, injuries and illness.

Why You Need It?

You need Health Insurance to have a financial protection against unforeseen events. There are various other reasons which highlight importance of health insurance. For details, check the below list:

1.Increasing cost of health care and growing stress and exertion in life.
2.For financial security of you and your family when someone gets any health related problems.
3.To attain quality health care services without worrying of cost. Most of the service providers offer cashless facilities at the best hospitals and health care centers having a tie-up.
4.It covers cost of treatment when you encounter any medical emergency or critical illness. The expenses incurred in diagnosis, hospitalization, pre and post Hospitalization care can be covered by health insurance plans.
5.Income Tax Act of India provides tax benefits on payment of health insurance premium.

Features of Health Insurance:

The following features are available in any health insurance coverage:

1.Health insurance Coverage is available for anyone who is of three months to seventy years.
2.A medical check up will be required before getting a cover.
3.In case of a Pre-existing disease, you can look for special plans available at your disposal. In some cases, you can mention this while buying and your health insurance premium will be calculated accordingly.
4.For making claim, you will be required to contact the agent or service provider. This can be done through online also. For getting quick Claim settlement, you will be required to submit all the bills and doctor’s reports along with the Policy document.
5.Insurers provide facility of cashless claims through which you can get treated in any tie-up hospital without paying a penny.
6.In certain cases, insurers provide pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization benefits. Under pre-hospitalization benefit, expenses incurred 30 days prior to the hospitalization can be claimed. Similarly, under post hospitalization benefits, the claim can be made for up to 60 days after getting discharge from hospital for post medical care.

Types of Health Insurance

There are two categories of health insurance plans, viz individual health insurance and family floater plan. As the name suggests, the former provides protection only for an individual while the latter is for complete family. In India, the following main types of health insurance coverage available:

1.Hospitalization Cash Policy: Hospitalization cash policy enables you to claim for expenses incurred when you get admitted for more than 24 hours in hospital. The claim can be made for doctor’s fees, room charges, bed charges, cost of medicines and other health examinations and tests.
2.Cashless Claims: By cashless claims facility, Insurer directly pays bills to the health care service provider. The bills are settled between insurer and hospital. You will not be required to pay anything. However, this facility is available only in those hospitals having a tie-up with the insurer.
3.Critical Illness Protection: There is a list of severe diseases considered critical by insurers. This plan provides protection for treatment of any such disease caused to the insured after taking the policy.

Different medical insurance provides protection against different circumstances. You can buy a suitable health policy matching your requirements and affordability. You can look for health insurance tips to make a sensible decision. Whatever plan you choose, you will be surely getting protection for uncertainties that may affect your health in future.