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Health Insurance and Lifestyle Diseases

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Living standards are perking up, so are increasing lifestyle diseases. And health care costs have spiraled like never before. More sophisticated the facilities availed and best the doctors, higher is the cost of treatment. First-rate treatment can happen with maximum spending. ‘Health is wealth’ goes the maxim, the significance of which has been felt for centuries. It is no surprise if your accumulated wealth gets wasted on Hospitalization of lifestyle diseases that you have been suffering from. This is where Health Insurance comes into play. With health coverage, you stay financially secured against any medical emergencies including lifestyle diseases. Get a Mediclaim and stay worry-free.

A medical insurance is a contingency plan to deal with medical emergencies (illness or injury). As an insured, you enjoy financial assistance against hospitalisation expenses, thus helping you enjoy better medical care.

Types of Health Plans

Individual Health Policy: In this plan, only one person is insured who enjoys health coverage, i.e. medical and hospital expenses up to the sum insured.
Family Health Policy: This mediclaim covers more than one member under a single plan. The health Coverage may be bought for self and spouse or self, spouse and kids. The sum Insured is available for all members covered in the plan.

What Are Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases are ailments caused owing to poor dietary choices, intake of junk or less nutritious food, adoption of sedentary lifestyles, work pressures, and stress. These diseases are also termed as critical illnesses; such as diabetes, cardiovascular (heart diseases), obesity, cancer, and more. The momentum witnessed on the rise of lifestyle diseases in India is alarming. Over 51 million people are diabetics in India and the count is only increasing by the day. 25 million plus people are heart patients out of which 15 million succumb to it. Even people as young as 25, are suffering from the disease. Before these diseases take a toll on your financial health, get insured with a comprehensive medical insurance.

Are Lifestyle Diseases Covered in All Health Plans?

Not every mediclaim covers all lifestyle diseases. Riders or add-on benefits should be bought to avail the benefits, to avail coverage for lifestyle diseases. With add-ons, the medical insurance Premium goes up. But paying a higher insurance premium and getting maximum sum insured is worth the buying.

Cover for Lifestyle Diseases and other Critical Illnesses

Get added cover over your regular medical insurance for critical care. The list of lifestyle diseases and other critical illnesses covered may vary for each insurance company. Make a comparative analysis of the available health plans so that you buy the best health insurance, one that best meets your health care preferences. Heart attacks, heart surgery, cancer (baring certain kind), organ transplant, stroke, paralysis, burns, etc are few of the illnesses covered worth mentioning with riders or add-ons.

Health Insurance Premium

Premium is the sum the insured pays to the Insurer for a particular time span (1 year or 2 years). Visit an insurance aggregator’s website, get quotes and compare the insurance premium tallying it with the lifestyle diseases covered. If you have a family, go for a family mediclaim; insurance premium of individual plan for all members in a family is higher than the family plan. Buying the best health insurance does matter.

Adopting the right lifestyle can bring a difference in the way you live everyday lives, reducing chances for lifestyle diseases. But why take risks? Get health coverage for lifestyle diseases and live a financially secured life.